Monday, January 22, 2007


BLOGGER'S NOTE: Poor, poor Kelly. This girl would rather stand in her BFF's shadow than demand her record label and managers that they need to get the molasses out of their asses and do their job. The June '07 Vibe mag episode said it all. Beyonce released B'Day (which sold more than 3 million units) in 2006. Kelly was set to release her new album in June of 2007. So what were the reasons for Kelly being bumped and replaced by Beyonce? If that wasn't bad enough, Beyonce not only snatches Kelly's cover, but goes and re-releases a deluxe edition of B'Day just before Kelly's sophomore effort hit shelves. Can Beyonce be capable of being that thirsty and selfish? What's even worse is the fact that the feature cover story that once belonged to Kelly turned into a one page article titled 'Hiding in Plain Sight.' I guess granting Kelly a full article would've taken too much shine from Beyonce's feature story.

You can not tell me she wasn't the least bit pissed about that.

It doesn't surprise me one bit that Beyonce would use her power to outshine anyone she thinks is trying to take her spot. She pulled a similar shiesty move when former Destiny's Child member, Letoya Luckett prepared to release her solo album. At the time, Beyonce went on record saying that she wouldn't release her new album until after she finished wrapping and promoting Dreamgirls. But when Letoya released her album in July of 2006 and began receiving accolades something proper-like, Beyonce couldn't take the heat and put a stop to Letoya's shine quick, fast and in a hurry and made plans to work overtime (she said she discreetly recorded the entire album in a week) in order to release her new album several months before she'd originally planned. She makes it painfully obvious that she's a poor sport when it comes to competition....even when that competition involves her 'sister' Kelly. Just tragic! Talk about being nickel slick. But we got your penny change, Bey.

And to Kelly: seek help immediately. It's incomprehensible how you welcome and embrace the sidekick role so expeditiously.

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