Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Word around the web is that Usher's wife, Tameka Foster, is in 'the last bit of talks' of joining the cast of Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta for its second season. If this news is true, Tameka will replace last season's most true-to-life housewife on RHOA, Deshawn Snow, who has allegedly been given the boot from the show because of the viewers' disinterest in her life as an NBA wife. But I think we all know that with Deshawn's 'guaranteed' NBA money, she'll be just fine. And I can openly admit that if Tameka does join the cast, yes, I will make sure my DirectTV DVR is set and ready to record because I'd love to hear the pure madness that I am sure she will spew from her mouth! But really though, can you all see (or be able to stomach watching) Tameka every week basically doing what Deshawn did during her stay on the show? Watching her raise her four sons (Tameka's oldest son is a grown man) while Usher is out on the road doing whatever it is that he does? But wait a minute, 95% of the time, Tameka is up under her hubby whenever he's out on the road. So, I guess the question should be, 'could we be able to stomach whoever it is that raises Tameka's kids when--her head is so far up Usher's ass, if he turned the corner, he'd break her neck--whenever he's out on the road? How can she be a cast member of this show if she's never home in Atlanta?

Therefore and thus and such, I'll believe this story when the upper-ups from Bravo confirm it. Until then, like my cousin Nakesha says, 'I'm finished 'bout it.' Besides, there were whispers and whatnot of her joining the cast for its first season and because Usher has rehired his mom, Jonetta, as his manager, I highly doubt she'd suggest that Tameka put their family business out there like that for everyone to see...especially since some of you *smile* *snicker* have been dogging ol girl for the past couple of years. Yall know Jonetta don't play! LOL! Also, Usher is working on releasing another album this year. Having his wife look and sound like a damn fool on national television is publicity he does not need. He found out how that type of negative press affected his mega-flop of an album last year. Am I right? Celebrity couples + Reality shows=Divorce! Examples: Nick and Jessica, Hulk Hogan and Lisa, Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler, Carmen and David, Bobby and Whitney! LOL!

As for the other ladies of RHOA: Nene Leakes, her BFF-turned-frienemy Kim 'can't sing, or spell, or purchase a better looking weave/half-wig' Zolciak and Lisa Wu Hartell are all set to return for the second season. And Sheree? Well, she dropped her divorce appeal against her ex-husband and former NFL player, Bob Whitfield and ol girl is thisclose to being broke and homeless. According to recent reports, Bob is also broke. All I have to say is, 'Sheree, good luck to you and to your Shit by Sheree...(*sigh* LSA can be such a negative influence on me sometimes), what I meant to say was, She by Sheree clothing line. Cause, girl, you gon need all the luck you can get. And I know, because I'm broke my damn self! LOL!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta will begin taping episodes for its second season in February.

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