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Who knew a man of Flavor Flav's character (and undisputed ugliness) could ever possess the gall to conveniently kick any sister to the curb? By now, everyone knows the story of how Flav opted to cash in on another check in exchange to star in a third season of his VH1 reality show rather than settle down with London 'Deelishis' Charles (and his 8 and a half children), the bodacious beauty with an ass so big you could host your annual family reunion weekend festivities on it. I'll try and make this long story as short as Flav's height: via her Myspace page, Deelishis explains her split with the former hype man of Public Enemy and reveals that she has a new 'flavor of love' (are yall digging my play on words or what?!!) in her life. And he's an O.G., yall! Well, not really. Okay, maybe just a little bit. But those are the initials to his name, Orlando Gordon. A never-before married 27-year old who owns a club, real estate company and landscaping business in his native Detroit. But how did they meet, and is he really supportive of her career as a radio announcer/model/singer/jean designer...? In her 11-page (I swear Jamie got to do better) cover story for Sister 2 Sister magazine, she discussed those things as well as why she became suicidal after spreading a false rumor claiming rapper Nelly's relationship with his longtime girlfriend, R&B singer, Ashanti was for business purposes only. Was it really that serious, Deelishis? I mean, really. Check out the excerpts below.

DEELISHIS ON HOW SHE MET HER NEW MAN: I was actually doing a promotional event at home , in Detroit, and I met him. He didn't think anything of it. I didn't either. And then we ran into each other again and his was with a mutual friend. They came and picked me up from the hair salon and we rode around. We just kinda rode around the city, and we met up with my grandparents who were celebrating their anniversary, so he came and he was amongst my family. The next morning he called our mutual friend and said, 'call her; call London.' He didn't call me Deelishis. 'Call London and tell her I want to meet up with her. I just want to be around her.' Normally is someone would call and say that, you'd say no, I don't know them. But I said yes, and I was very intrigued by his company. He went with me and he got his feet done when I got my feet done. He wasn't self-conscious, and he didn't seem like he was being overly impressive. We went to the mall. He wasn't irritated with me going in all the stores, trying on clothes; and we meshed like buddies. And it was so cool.

He went down to the BET Hip Hop awards at the same time we were there. I had my situation at the time, but he was still just really, really cool. I got into an argument with my companion, and he was standing there and I was kind of embarrassed. When I hung up the phone, he said, 'Don't be embarrassed, it happens.' He said, 'Let's get out of here. Let's go to one of these afterevents and have a good time.' I had a flight to leave at 12 the next morning. He was going to be in Atlanta for a few days. He came back home (to Detroit) and he has been next to me ever since.


DEELISHIS ON WHY O.G. WASN'T 'GOOGLY-EYED ABOUT DEELISHIS': The thing about him was he didn't look at me like that. So there are times, even in our friendship or courtship, where I would say, 'I wonder if he's even attracted to me because I was the homegirl on 'The Flavor of Love' that was from Detroit?' I've seen the women that he's dated in the past. I think I'm attractive, but he has these naturally pretty, little Halle Berry-like women, is what I call them. That's the women he's used to dating. So when he met me, to be actually attracted to my personality and my family environment is what attracted him. So he wasn't googly-eyed about Deelishis being around him.

DEELISHIS ON WHY ORLANDO REMINDS HER OF MARY J. BLIGE'S HUBBY, KENDU: One thing that I really like about him is that he supports my career. Most men that you meet, they think they support it initially because they want to make sure that they get you, but then they're very combative. He reminds me of-I tell him all the time- about Mary J. Blige. I think his name is Kendu (her husband)? He's supportive like that. And he is not a yes-man. If it's wrong, he says that ain't right.

DEELISHIS ON WHY SHE BECAME SUICIDAL AFTER REPORTING A FALSE RUMOR ABOUT NELLY & ASHANTI: If I've hurt anybody in the industry since I started, it's Nelly. I stated that it was a rumor--that Nelly and Ashanti weren't a couple, and that he was with someone else. And I reported all the details that was in the outline (given to her by a producer of the radio station where she'd began reporting entertainment news), but that one right there took me to the point of--honestly, I got to the point of suicidal. I did the report and less than 24 hours later, someone called me and said, 'You know your report was on -----? But they didn't talk about your new radio job, they only highlighted the part about Nelly & Ashanti.' So, I went to ----, and it said, 'Nelly and Ashanti are not a real couple. We told you so, and Deelishis backs it up.' I said, 'No, that's not the case. What have I done?' I just got really nervous.

I respect Nelly. I was with him at the Rip the Runway show in February of 2007). He came up to me and shook my hand and said 'good job.' I respected him, and he didn't hit on me, he didn't do anything like that. I've always respected him as a businessman. I just always had respect for him. And right now, I had compromised that respect. But I said that it was a rumor. I made a mistake, and I apologized for it. And I was so sorry; I apologized for it and did a few radio interviews with syndicated radio shows because I wanted him to know. I wanted her (Ashanti) to know that there's no disrespect. I just felt out of it after that incident. I really got to the point where I had to have my Auntie come and sleep with me because she was that nervous. I felt suicidal.

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