Friday, September 4, 2009


Yall, let's keep Maia in our prayers. I came across this video yesterday and after watching it (which had to be the longest six minutes of my life) I told myself that I wouldn't bother putting it on this site because I didn't want to come across as looking as if I was exploiting her. If you've read my previous blog posts on Maia, you'd know that, unlike other bloggers, I am a fan of hers (as well as her mother and author, the late Bebe Moore Campbell) and therefore my heart truly goes out to her because of everything she's been through in the last couple of years.

Apparently, a couple of messy-ass, punk-ass dudes who obviously never had any kind of home training or respect for other people's shortcomings, felt the need to record Maia when she was obviously having a bad day. This is the second time this year, folks have used her mental illness against her to blast her on the Internet. And that's why I didn't even entertain the notion of posting that particular video. But now, enough is enough. The most recent video, which I posted below, is not funny or entertaining in any way. If anything, it's a cry for help. Now, I know we can't help someone unless they want help, but still, if someone, anyone, out there who happens to read this, and has the resources to get Maia the help she needs, please do so. This is my sole reason for posting this video.


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