Friday, January 4, 2008


After the grand opening of his 40/40 nightclub in Las Vegas last Monday, mega-mogul Jay-Z, talked to Robin 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' Leach and set the record straight regarding his soon-to-be wedding nuptials with longtime girlfriend-turned-fiancee, Beyonce Knowles. However, don't expect to see exclusive wedding photos of the most rumored to be married couple in celeb history in People, In Touch or Essence magazine. For six days, music mogul hip-hop star Jay-Z (real name Shawn Carter) and gorgeous galpal, Knowles held hands and were literally inseparable on their Vegas visit—but not only did he laughably deny recent rumors of a secret marriage in the French capital of Paris, he also told me that they wouldn’t tie the knot in Vegas this trip either!

“A wedding will be sooner rather than later, though,” he says, “but it will be kept a private serious celebration for our very closest family and friends. When it does happen, we’ll keep it very quiet. When we read these news reports about hiding tattoos under wedding rings, we laughed together and said, ‘uh huh, another wild one—put it with the other 80,000.’”

Guest attendee Rev. Al Sharpton has so much admiration for the couple, he's offered to marry them for free. "I told both of them that I would marry them pro bono—I won’t even charge a fee.”

To read Robin Leach's entire interview with Jay-Z as well as other celebrity attendees from the grand opening,



Anonymous said...

I would not let Rev Sharpton marry me for free. I rather pay. Hell, they have so much money what was the point of saying he would marry them for free. Rev Sharpton sounds rather dull if you asked me.

Anonymous said...

Get married already. But then again why marry the cow when you can get the milk for free.

Anonymous said...

^^^I agree with anonymous @ 12:39. However, the joke could be on us. For all we know, those two could've been celebrating their 3 year wedding anniversary at that New Year's Eve party, right? I've learned to stop expecting shit from these two.

Anonymous said...

It be some jealous haters hateing on these two. But that's what happens when you're on top. Personally, I think Beyonce could do much better a lot of people think that. But hey as long as he is making her happy then I guess he deserves her. I think they're married already anyway.

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