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STEVE HARVEY'S EX-WIFE FILES LAWSUIT; ACUSES COMEDIAN OF FRAUD, ADULTERY, PHYSICAL & MENTAL ABUSE is reporting that his ex-wife, Mary Lee Harvey, claims that she was conned into a quickie divorce engineered by the entertainer and his lawyer, who allegedly sought to keep private details about the star's adultery, poor and neglectful parenting, and "physical and mental abuse" of his ex-spouse. Mary Lee Harvey claims, in a lawsuit filed against her ex-lawyer, that she was defrauded by the comedian and the couple's longtime attorney, who represented both sides in their November 2005 divorce. She alleges that she was unaware of her right to independent counsel and, as a result, was severely shortchanged when it came to alimony, division of community property, and child support. The complaint, filed in District Court yesterday (11-20-07) in Harris County, Texas, claims that the couple's attorney, Ricky Anderson, told her she could not legally get more than $1000 monthly in child support for the couple's son.

The website's report goes on to say that Mary Lee Harvey alleges that Anderson was actually looking out for Steve Harvey's interests, and sought to protect his client's "packaged, do-good, likeable, Christian-type image in the public eye." Anderson and the comedian sought to "quickly and quietly dispose of the divorce" because there were "many things that Steve Harvey ... did during the Harveys' marriage that he did not want the public to know about."

Read The Smoking Gun's full report and Mary Lee Harvey's LEGAL POSITION HERE.

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