Friday, August 24, 2007


I found very recent pics of 3 former contestants of VH1's famed, far-from-reality show, 'Flavor of Love' floating around the Internet. Looks as if these women are still working hard to stretch their 15 minutes of fame as it will take them. Peep the pics below.

Former stripper-turned-rejected-'Flavor of Love' contestant-turned-runner-up-in-Mo'Nique's-Charm-School, Leilene Ondrade was spotted at Hollywood Summer Nights hosted by Nick Cannon on Wednesay, August 22, 2007.

Ain't it good to see MoNique's Charm School winner Saaphyri Windsor replace that tacky-ass, Kool-Aid mix dipped weave with something a little bit more...tame? Now as far as these pics to, yall gon have to come to your own conclusion(s); because I don't know what she's doing, why she's doing it or where she is.


Last but not least. Look at this heffa-hussie here. I don't even have to tell yall who she is. But I'll tell yall what she looks like: a cross between a muppet and freaking fraggle. As you can see, Ms. Pollard isn't as camera shy as she needs to be...even when she is wearing her mama hideous wig. VH1 has given her 2 shows ('I Love New York' 2 is filming right about now) and yet she still insist on walking out of her house looking like, as my mama would say, who did it, for what reason and why. Anyhoo, the reality star obviously made sure she was seen at Sujit Kundu's birthday party at the Marquee in NYC on Wednesday night.

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Repping Beantown blog said...

TRASH!TRASH! that heifer

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