Monday, August 13, 2007


Before you glance at the Iman/Tyra/Alek/Kimora Ebony mag supermodel photospread below, read this...or at least skim it. And yes, it's long because I got some things to say. :)

Now keep in mind that I'm a blogger...and I'm sensitive about my shit. :) I'm just playing....well, not really....okay, yes I am...but just a lil bit!

This is my first time blogging...well, actually I had another blog about 6 months (but I forgot my password and had to create another one) ago even though I first entertained the idea for an iota of a minute a couple of years ago after it was brought to my attention from several cyber/blogger pals of mine. I guess I just wasn't ready back, I wanted to familiarize myself with this whole blogging thing before I showed it to anybody (I'll be damned if yall was gon' clown me! Shiiiiiiit! LOL). Shout out to Sandra Rose for helping me out on that.

Anyhoo, I figured that since I scanned pics and post them on several messageboards, why not just scan pics and place them on my own blog? So, that's what I did. Operating a blog is hard work...especially when you're not on the up and up on all those Internet/computer terms. So, please be patient with me. Consider this first post as a test. If it does well, I'll keep at it. If it doesn't...well....

Oh, and before I go, I have to give a shout out and much love to my entire CRU cyber family at (owned and operated by celeb photographer Ray Tamarra, respectively) for giving me the motivation to do this; especially bigitup, HOTFIYAH, Garlik breath, shadesnyc (I got your pm *wink*) and WindyCityDiva. Thank yall so much: rook, Orchid, ELOCIN, Quel,dimendaruff, RoyaleWithCheese, Sasha Thumper, Madi, Mathematic, AmandaBlue, blawcutie, 770, BKLYNScribe, Dead Wrong, jelly, Sweet G, mixedlachick, KJ1, chanelchic, smooky, sneaks,GG (GoodieGoddess), BrownBombshell, bpolite, Ms_Kool, HoneyBee, Tarheelnny (yay for beanpYe!), pimpnutz, Hollywood Cole, Miahluv, Seelah, nero, Tea H See, MsBrg722 and BILL (for the spitting-Pepsi-all-over-my-keyboard-and-monitor laughs). I know I missed some people. I just know I did. Whoever I missed, I'm sorry. Charge it to my mind or either make like Milli Vanilli and blame it on the rain.

There are several peeps I want to thank over at Russ Parr's message boards and S2S message boards as well. I made a list (yep, I sure did), but it's waaaaaaaaaay too many of yall to name but you know who you are. Yall showed me so much love. I thank you all so very kindly.

Even my little sister (who ain't even bigger than a minute), Dree encouraged me! And that means alot seeing as though she didn't even know what a blog or a messageboard was until I told her 6 months ago! Maybe I shouldn't thank her. Do yall know that I tell her about all the celeb news I know about (and post on message boards) and this lil heffa-hussie don't believe a thing I say until and/or unless she hears it from Dee Dee McGuire of the Doug Banks Morning Show?!! Which is in some cases 2 days after I done already told her the same news!! She's nosey, too. *Look at her, walking past me and looking at me wondering what I'm typing and when I'm gonna give her back her laptop* But I still love her (I mean, that's what I'm supposed to do, right?) though. Plus, she takes very good care of me, bless her heart. I call her my little big sister.

But seriously, I honestly don't think I would've done any of this without these people support and guidance. Thank you all so much. And I hope you all enjoy this blog....with a passion! (I may have to change the name). I still have a lot of work to do.

Now remember this is just a test. It may not be up for long!


Sashathumper said...

DING FIRST! (that's how they do it on the blogs, right?)

@ any rate, congrats BG...u needed this like yesterday!

SouthernBlackGurl said...

You got me laughing out loud over here! Thanks, Sasha! I appreciate it, girl! :)

770 said...

Thanks for the shout! Congrats on your blog... Keep posting I will comment ALL DAY

rook said...

often imitated, never duplicated.....


shadesnyc said...


oh you did get that pm? ok i guess its time for me to get on my stuff. ;)

Smooky said...

Thanks for the love... I'll bookmark you and share the link with my friends. Congrats on having the courage to be about it.

Elmer said...

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