Sunday, September 9, 2007


Magilla the Gorilla a.k.a. 50 Cent has speaks his piece on those never ending rumors regarding him dating Ciara. Monkey Knuckles talked exclusively to to reveal the real deal behind those aforementioned allegations. Or something like that...

From If you thought that 50 Cent's multiple "surprise" appearances with Ciara on the Screamfest '07 tour meant that the two were a couple, then you may want to hold your horses, 50 says. In an exclusive interview with, 50 denied that his relationship with the two-stepping diva was anything but professional. "That was just a project I was working on," he says, referring to duo's hit single, Can't Leave 'Em Alone. When asked directly if the two are involved, he answered with a flat, "No."

Though 50's currently in the midst of heavy promotion for the much-hyped September 11 album release showdown between his Curtis and Kanye West's Graduation, he had time to address another rumor --that Dipset's Jim Jones would be joining the G-Unit family. "I won't be signing him, but I don't have a problem with him," he admitted. 50 kicked off the year beefing with Jones' Dipset cohort, Cam'ron, but says he didn't let it affect his overall opinion of Jones. "I kept him out of the decision that Cam'ron made to jump out there."

But 50 isn't letting his amicable relationship with Jones change his thoughts on Jones' label home, Koch Records. "Koch is the worst place you can be; Koch is the graveyard. Jim is coming out of the graveyard [and] what he's doing is phenomenal."


Mr. Mack Style said...

Thank God... he would completely ruin her image!!

Anonymous said...

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