Friday, September 21, 2007


A number of hip-hop and R&B acts have signed on to play a September 29 concert in support of the Jena Six, the black teens charged in connection with the beating of a white teen in Jena, Louisiana. Among the acts scheduled to play the Jena 6 Empowerment Concert at Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex in Birmingham, Alabama, according to the event's promoter, are Lloyd, Baby Boy, Twista, Jagged Edge, Tank, Killer Mike, Disturbing Tha Peace's Small World, B5, LAX Boys and Hurricane Chris Recording artists Nick Cannon, Sean P. and Bobby Brown are also booked to perform at the benefit concert.

Organizers are hoping the event will raise national awareness of the incidents surrounding the case, in which six black teens appear to be victims of a racially biased judicial system. "What's happening to the Jena 6 is not an isolated incident --it could happen to any of us," Baby Boy tells the Hollywood Reporter. "We are asking men of all persuasions to stand on the front line with our young people and send a message demanding accountability of law enforcement officials and the judicial system."

In conjunction with the concert, Cannon and Danity Kane's Aubrey will host a Sept. 28 peace rally at Birmingham's Parker High School.


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