Monday, September 3, 2007


Vivica Fox and Jessica Simpson hamging out together? Now that's what you call a rare and random appearance. The two uber-celebs were spotted by the 'razzi leaving Ruth Chris Steakhouse in the Valley on Saturday night (9.01). If you're wondering how and/or why these two ladies happened to be seen out and about side by side, I'll tell you. Fox and Simpson are currently filming a movie together called 'Major Movie Star.' In the comedy, Simpson plays the lead role of Valentine, a movie star who suddenly falls from grace and finds herself broke. She then enlist in the U.S. Army with the hope that the service will change her life. Fox plays a tough sergeant who whips Simpson's character into shape. If you all are surprised to see the women hanging out together, you'd be even more shocked to learn that veteran actress Fox is playing the supporting role to Simpson's lead role in the film. Not only are they co-stars, but they've become BFF's as well. I ain't lying either. Last week, Fox said, "Jess and I have become really close and I have nothing but admiration for her. We will continue our friendship after filming wraps very soon. Friends for life! No divas here."

Also, last week, Fox made it her mission to defend Jess when reports of her 'diva-like behavior' on the set rubbed a couple of folks the wrong way. “Those vicious lies they put out were just that - lies,” Fox said of a report, which stated that Simpson would demand a driver instead of walking from one place to another, eat alone in her trailer, and barely speak to her fellow cast members — especially Fox. “[Jessica] was so much of a team player,” Fox reportedly told People. “She was gracious and so down to earth.”


Anonymous said...

Awww how cute! They look like mama and adopted daughter!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Vivica is the most overrated black actress we have right now. She is a better actress than Halle Barry. I still don't understand why she has to play second fiddle to these "it" girls of the moment. She should be on the level of Halle getting those movies rolls. And I don't know about you all but in the movie X-Men that role Storm should have been Vivica's. Don't worry Vivica I still love ya and keep getting cake. That woman kicked butt in the movie KILL BILL. Why aren't they giving Vivica a chance to show her acting chops as a lead role? Is it becuz her skin complexion is not light like Halle?

Anonymous said...

^Oops I meant underrated.

Arlen said...

Well, I do not actually imagine it is likely to have success.

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