Saturday, September 15, 2007


Talk about 'too much booty in the pants'! Melanie 'Scary Spice' Kim Kardashian who! Brown looks as if she can give J. Lo a run for her money. The former Spice Girls singer was spotted strolling the streets of Los Angeles late last week after leaving dance rehearsals for upcoming all-new episodes of 'Dancing with the Stars.' Is she looking hot or what?! No, I mean really. Doesn't she look like she's burning the hell up in all that heavy, black, sweater-like clothing? I'm getting hot just looking at her.

All three siblings: Tamera and Tahj were also spotted with sister, Tamera getting their free swag on at one of the many gift suites for the Emmy Awards. I think the last time I saw these 3 together were at the premiere of 'Are We Done Yet.' Tahj has a role in that movie. The last time I saw all of them on screen together was........aww, man! It's been a while. I think I saw an old episode of 'Sister, Sister' on Disney where Tahj guest-starred as the twins tutor for the SATs. Did you all know that Tia and Tamera not only sung the theme song to their show (after season 3), but to Tahj's 'Smart Guy' as well? The twins are currently filming the sequel to Disney's 'Twitches' called, of course, 'Twitches Too.'
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Anonymous said...

The brother is funny looking, like I think he was suppose to be a girl cuz he is not cute as a boy. And the Twiches movie is done, it comes on Disney next month.

SouthernBlackGurl said...

Oh, okay. I knew they were working on a Lifetime movie as well. I just didn't know which one they'd wrapped first.

Thanks for the correction!

Anonymous said...

Ain't no thing, my son is a Disney channel freak :)

Anonymous said...

tamera got a baddddd boob job. u can tell they fake. soo ugly/bad/dumb.. at least tia turned out normal

Anonymous said...

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