Sunday, September 2, 2007


I know you all have seen the MTV Cribs episode where they dedicated the entire half-hour to Mariah Carey just so she could show off her candy walls, 2 kitchens, gigantic jacuzzi and that bomb-ass boutique she calls a closet. Did you think that anyone else could do it bigger and better than MiMi?! Well, if you didn't, think again because Kimora, at least in my book, has Mariah beat by a landslide. The model-turned-fashion mogul recently invited In Style magazine into her home where she proudly and justly, I might add, showed off her enormous clothing quarters. Kimora's closet--which holds about 500 pairs of jeans, an endless amount of designer shoes bought 10 at a time and a varied collection of custom-made Birkin bags that'll make you want to slap the earth, wind and fire outta yo mama--could very well be bigger than your average apartment. And she basks in her fabulous fabulosity all while sipping pink champagne from her minibar and watching her flat screen television with her closet! It must be nice! Peep the pics below if you don't believe me.

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

Is she a collector? Does she even have time to put all those heels?

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