Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Mya luv the kids! The tiny singer hosted the 'Mya Presents the Mya Arts & Tech Foundation Summer Showcase Finale' at the Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts in her hometown of Washington DC last Saturday (September 1). The nonprofit corporation event was held in conjunction with other organizations to inspire and provide education in the Arts for inner city youth and suburban youth (kindergarten through high school) in the DC area. Through Mya's Foundation, instructors not only offer performing arts education but also provide much-needed leadership and mentoring for the local youth community through Taratibu, step and precision, self esteem sessions and etiquette classes.

In related news Word around the web is that the release of Mya's fourth studio album, Liberation (which was originally slated to be released last June...before being given a September release date), has once again been pushed back farther than New York's mama's Elvira wig that she sported every week on her 'daughter's' VH1 reality show. And we all know that shit was not a good look. Anyhoo, as of this posting, Mya's record label, Columbia records has yet to set a release date. However, fans of Mya need not worry their little heads over the petite performer. She's still putting in work. Expect to see the singer/actress/dancer on the big screen once again in the new motion movie Cover, which was directed by Bill Duke. The flim is slated to hit the theaters the fall.


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