Friday, September 14, 2007


Usher made an in-store appearance at Macy's in Lenox Mall in Atlanta yesterday (September 13) to promote his new cologne and perfume line: Usher for Men (*snicker*) and Usher for Women. I guess his pregnant bodyguard decided not to attend...and from the looks of these pictures, neither did his fans. Check out the pictures from the lightly attended event below.

Did yall know Usher is thisclose to loosing his man-monkey mind? I ain't lying. For someone who has moved on with his life by settling down, getting married to that something and conceiving a child with it, he sure has been harping on his past a lot. Particularly his ex-girlfriend, Chilli of TLC. What I find funny is the fact that she hasn't brought his name up at all. She only responds with kind-hearted answers whenever she's asked about him in interviews. Yet, he makes it his business to go into full bitch mode by lashing out at the folks who only want her statements on his most recent situation. I say 'lashing out' because that's just what he did to radio host Rashan Ali of Atlanta's Hot 107.9 radio station when he made an impromtu call to the station to ask her (who he says is friends with his Uncle Tameka/wife) why she had his 'ex girlfriend on the show.' I'm not going to go into anymore details because if I do, this will turn out to be a much longer post than I would like.

To hear the interview click this link:
Click on 'NEWS' in the upper left-hand corner; Scroll down to 'USHER RADIO INTERVIEW' and click on '107.9.'

And to hear Chilli's response to the demented ass comments he made check out 1:35 of the video below.

And check out more pics of Usher at Macy's after the jump.


Anonymous said...

I just don't get how Usher had a very good woman like Chilli to go on marrying his jumpoff? Yeah it was eons ago that Chilly and Usher broke up, but you must admit we all know at some point you cheated on Chilly with this woman. SMH..Sounds like he knows the whole world is not feeling his jumpoff like they did Chilly. At the end of the day Chilly was and continues to be a classy woman unlike some bitches(Usher and Tamenka). I think the public is now seeing how much of a dumb arrogant bitch Usher can be. Just look at the way he dissed his own flesh and blood mother for this jumpoff. If Usher want the fans to forget about your personal life then why bring up Chilly on the radio and make yourself sound like an a$$hole? Whatever nucca you still have feelings for her. You stupid enough to diss your own so called wife by mentioning your ex on a radio station.

Anonymous said...

he is SUCH a whinning BITCH!

Tranquility said...

I totally agree with both of the comments above mine. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever for Usher to behave the way he does.

Dylan said...

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