Monday, September 17, 2007


Lord, have mercy. First Shaq and Shaunie and now this. If the rumors are true, it looks as if D-Wade and his wife Siovaughn's marriage has run out of heat. According to Chanel, my fellow sister in blogging (and Cruade family member), Mrs. Wade, who just gave birth to the couple's second son, has gone ghost on their marriage.

From YBF snitches put out the bug to me a little while back that there was trouble in Wadeville. And now my sources are saying that after 5 years of marriage, the Wades are definitely headed to Splitsville. Dwayne's wife Siohvaughn just had their second baby Zion in May of this year and she was everywhere during her pregnancy--her hubby's Heat games, parties, all that. But shortly after delivering the baby, YBF snitches say she moved back to their hometown of Chicago to "get help with the baby". Mmhmm.
Meanwhile, Sio is still in the Chi and hasn't been seen anywhere with Dwyane in months. In fact, Mr. Wade has been seen around Vegas and Miami with some new lil boos...including Gabby Union. Sources say the two have separated for now and aren't necessarily working on getting back together. At least D-Wade isn't. Apparently the fame Mr. Wade has gotten over the past year or so went to his head and Siohvaughn couldn't keep tabs on her man's wandering ways. Too bad because he was one of the few NBA ballers who respected his first.

Source: Young,Black & Fabulous


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