Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Diddy has taken it upon himself to release online his too-hot-for-tv commercial/three minute movie for his Unforgivable Woman fragrance after MTV deemed its 30 and 60 second versions too 'racy' to air. The media mogul, who produces and stars (I swear this dude has to have his face in and on everything!) in the unrated movie version, says. "I feel strongly that this movie needs to be viewed and judged by the public rather than by executives. Some people may be uncomfortable with the sensuality and sexual content, but it is important for them to make that decision personally.”

Is it that serious, Diddy? I mean, really. Peep the mini-movie below.

The ad, which was banned by MTV, shows Diddy catching the eye of a model in a Times Square hotel lobby. The seduction ensues and they head off on a night filled with passion. “Since we launched the Sean John brand 10 years ago, we have taken chances and done many non-traditional things,” says Diddy. “This three minute movie is no different; it will revolutionize the way people view fragrances forever."


Anonymous said...

Trash! I'd rather be watching the R.Kelly series!

Anonymous said...

does anyone knows the name of the song of that diddy's perfume commercil, unforgivable ?

Anonymous said...

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