Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I don't know about you all, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the second season premiere of Keyshia Cole's reality show, Keyshia Cole 2: The Way It Is tonight on BET. And after reading the article below, I think it's a safe bet to assume that this season is going to be filled with nothing but utter, dramatic drama and complete and colossal-sized madness and then some. Therefore and thus and such, you can best believe I already have my DVR set and ret' to record. Let's just hope Keyshia's mama and sister have honed at least a small portion of ghett-iquette (ghetto etiquette) skills...but for some reason I highly doubt it.

Almost no TV show, "reality" or otherwise, can survive with only a lead character, no matter how famous that character is. So what makes R&B singer Keyshia Cole's BET show more compelling as it enters its second season is that Cole's mother creates as much dramatic tension as the star herself. Cole's mother, Frankie, spent the first season in jail, finishing up a three-year sentence on drug charges. Now Frankie's out, and while she's saying the right things, nothing about her life suggests we're guaranteed a "happily ever after" ending. Cole, for now, has moved her mother into her Atlanta mansion and is trying to provide the material and emotional support for her to stay clean and sober.

This includes a "no visitors" rule that also applies to her sister Neffie, who has a drinking problem. Neffie doesn't like the rule, friction develops, and Cole asks a therapist if she can help her family without debilitating herself.

"Reality" shows live for these kinds of soap-opera scenarios, of course, but this one feels a little more genuine than most. One long scene has Cole reclining on a couch, asking for a cup of tea and telling her manager not to cancel a couple of magazine photo shoots, just reschedule them. She looks genuinely worn down. But the greatest dramatic promise here may lie with Frankie, whose life feels as if it's still up for grabs. She says the right things - about how she has to work to regain the love and trust of people in her life - but one imagines all addicts say that.

The question is whether she will follow through. That battle, the stakes of which go way beyond its TV entertainment value, is a major reason "Keyshia Cole 2," tonight at 10:30, will be worth return visits.

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The Jade Is Me said...

I'm glad I read your site! I forgot all about Dolphin Toof and Neefie!!! I will be watching tonight and can not wait for the drama!

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