Sunday, October 28, 2007


For those of you who don't know this already, I want you to brace yourselves, okay? Yall ready? Here it is: from the same producers who brought you those so-called VH1 reality shows such as I Love New York 1 and 2 and that flavor-less Flavor of Love series will soon bless--or curse--you with an all new reality show starring the one and only Mr. 'Green is for the money and gold is for the honey' himself: Bishop Don Magic Juan. In Pimpin' Ain't Easy, Bishop a.k.a The Green and Gold Tacky Turkey will do what he does best...or better yet, what he was once the best at; but this time there's a bit of a flip to it. Instead of pimping hoes himself, he's taking the charity route in an effort to school several men on how to lay their pimp game down on poor unsuspecting women. The men will be taught what it takes to prepare for dates with multiple women...and whatnot. Although the Bishop has shot the pilot for the series, there's still no word yet on when the show will air or on what network. I guess we'll have to stay in tune.

In other Bishop news, the former-pimp-turned-spiritual-adviser to Snoop Dogg, whose newest slogan these days is, 'I'm so true, they decided to give me a shoe', has just learned that the company who manufactured his signature Emerica McNally gold and neon green sneaker which was originally and successfully marketed toward skateboarders (the shoe sold out), will soon flip the script and push the high-top sneaker with gator panels and gold laces, towards the urban crowd. Well, good luck with that because that damn shoe is about as ugly as homemade chicken soup, I swear to God! Those shoes are about as tacky as those damn suits he wears. 'Hey, I'm thankful. Ain't no other player in the world got a major shoe deal,' Bishop said. Pimp-n!ggah, please!

Find out just how God-awful ugly those shoes are after the jump!

An unorthodox collaboration that steers away from the usual artist collabs, Emerica and the Bishop Don "Magic" Juan have come together to design a "Famous Player" sneaker. Designed to reflect the Bishops' "pimp" style, the "Bishops" feature a money Green colorway, metallic Gold accents, and Gator print. The Emerica "Bishops" are set to release April 2007.


2thick4u said...

This shoe sold out!!!

Could have fooled me...I guess people really do have buy anything:)!!!

Zackery said...

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