Friday, October 26, 2007


Ciara will celebrated her 22nd birthday this year with a major - market celebration tour. Ciara and her management team, TPF Management, have teamed up with the hottest nightlife venues in the country along with her celebrity friends and industry executives to celebrate her advancement to the next level. Launching the tour on her born day, October 25th, Ciara plans to approach each city with a birthday celebration incorporating the area’s natural flavor and mixing in surprise elements guaranteed to leave everyone talking. The hit-making singer, who will star in her first major movie role of an adaptation of the musical Mama, I Want to Sing! and as the new face of Rocawear, has a lot to celebrate.

Tour Dates:
10/25 Ciara’s 22nd Birthday/Dinner at private location /NYC
10/26 Birthday Party @ Runway/NYC
10/27 Birthday Party @ H2O Restaurant and Lounge/Washington, DC
10/28 Birthday Party @ Velvet Room/Atlanta
10/29 Birthday Party @ Cameo/Miami
10/30 Birthday Dinner @ Nobu/Bahamas
10/31 Birthday Party/Bahamas

In related news, as she accepted numerous birthday gifts at her party, Ciara was once again asked about her relationship with rapper 50 Cent. “He’s a really great friend, and great friends think of really great [birthday presents],” Ciara told PEOPLE at her 22nd birthday party at Manhattan’s Nikki Midtown on Thursday night, though she wouldn’t reveal what he gave her. “For some reason, with this friend, everybody turns everything into something else!” No doubt that dating as a celebrity can be tough –“You want to go out like normal people but you can’t. If you do, automatically you’re together or messing around,” Ciara confesses. But, she adds, she knows what she wants in a man.

Check out the pics from Ciara's birthday party at Nikki Beach Midtown in New York City. There's more after the jump!


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