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As you all know, Usher and his Uncle Tameka's first interview together as a couple is the feature story in Essence magazine's November 2007 issue. And as you all will notice, I took it upon myself to post my opinions to the following excerpts. You can peep the pics of the couple as they shopped in Miami as well as pics from their upcoming Essence mag photoshoot.

Heat follows Usher Raymond IV. It’s been like that since 1993, when the former choirboy began his quest for R&B chart domination and ended up a decade and change later a multimillion-record-selling, abs-of-steel-having superstar. And Usher’s reign as the incumbent King of R&B has been pretty much tabloid-free. That is until the summer of 2007 introduced another type of heat and put the 29-year-old singer–actor–entrepreneur through fire of a very different kind. In Hollywood speak, the spark that ignited a tabloid-fueled media blitz was surprisingly innocuous. No drunk driving or alleged illicit substance possession. No racist, homophobic or sexist rants followed by apologies and mandatory stints in rehab. Usher Raymond IV simply fell in love with a woman seven years his senior: his former stylist and current BFF Tameka Foster aka the newly minted Mrs. Raymond.

Usher on how the media and bloggers reacted negatively to the news of his engagement to Tameka Foster: “It was like, wow. (Getting married) and having a child is something that everyone should celebrate. What’s happened to us as a culture and a people? I’m not ignorant, so I’m not going to go out there and lash out….
Did I just read that right? Oh, so calling up Tom Joyner to make him aware that you're gonna 'whup his ass' if he kept talking about Tameka isn't ignorant? Niggah, please. You ain't never, ever been as ignorant (a lil cocky maybe) as you are right now. Making moves to shut down the only fansite that's ever cared for your fluffy ass is ignorant, too, right? Again, niggah please.

Usher on how he and Tameka have stayed strong: “Ours is not a typical love story, but it is a true one. Tameka and I have been fortunate enough to go through the thick of it in the beginning. We’ve had that opportunity to huddle up as a team, to make sure that we’re clear and speak as one voice.”
*insert buzzer sound* WRONG! Try again. You said that same bullshit when you hooked up with Chilli after folks, in the beginning, made a big deal about yall's age difference.

Tameka on when she knew to trust her instincts, instead of her girlfriends, about starting a relationship with her future husband: “Thank God I didn’t listen to my girlfriends…. Usher was my road dawg. I’d seen him love, and I’d watched him date women who were not worthy of him. He was so sweet, going out of his way to cater to their every need. And I’d see them not even be grateful.”
Not worthy of him? Stop lying. Did it ever occur to you that maybe his exes didn't feel the need to be 'grateful' since he is a well known (and even admitted to) cheater; stepping out on nearly every girl he's had a relationship with? Hell, he openly confessed to cheating on Chilli and Eishia before he got with you. But they weren't worthy of him, is that what you're saying? And did it ever occur to you that maybe he felt the need to 'cater to their every need' just to clear his cheating-ass conscious? You're a man so you should know, right?

Usher on what he’s learned about becoming a father: “Tameka’s given me one of the greatest gifts I’ll ever have. With a child, now I have purpose. I understand love.”
I feel so sorry for Tameka's other kids. They're going to feel about as worthless as wet food stamps when this new baby comes along.

Tameka on falling for her husband: “I feel totally uninhibited with Usher. I’ve never been in a situation with anyone, even as far back as high school, where there were no secrets. I know I can tell him anything and he’s not going to judge me. I can finally share my dreams. And because of that, I know that man loves me.”
SHUT THE FUCK UP! Shouldn't you be somwhere humming some negro spirituals?



Anonymous said...

LMAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOO! Gurl, you are too damn funny! You're more funny than you are mean. That's why I like this site so much because I know you gon say some off the wall type shit. Some of the things you said in that post was the whole truth and nothing but the truth, for real.

Dead @ 'shut the fuck up! shouldn't you be somewhere humming a negro spirtiual!'


Gary said...

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