Saturday, October 27, 2007


Rev. Run and his family made an appearance on MTV's TRL earlier this week to promote the 4th season of their super-successful reality show, Run's House. You can't help but to love and adore the Simmons' clan. The close-knit bond this family possess is just bananas! As a matter of fact, I don't know anyone who doesn't watch this show. I remember me watching the first couple of episodes and I could've swore on everything I owned that Justine was the biological mother of Run's 3 oldest kids. I mean, come on! They were calling her, 'Mom' and they could easily pass as her daughters in the looks department...although I'm not too sure the same can be said about JoJo! What I do know is Justine and the Rev. are going to have a hell (no pun intended) of a time keeping those little girls off Diggy. Trust. Have yall seen the way he interacts with his mother?! He absolutely adores her! Too cute. Yeah, his future wifey is going to have the perfect hubby! Bless his heart. Anywhoo, check out the pics. There's more after the jump. However, I'm not too sure the same can be said about Russy! Lil dude always seem to be in a world of his very own, bless his heart.


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