Friday, October 19, 2007


Beautiful actress, motivational speaker and best-selling author, Victoria Rowell and a few other stars of the stage, screen and the literary world including veteran actor Melvin Van Peebles, actor Mel Jackson and best-selling author, Terry McMillan (looking as if she stays pissed off every single day of the freaking week! It's your birthday, lady! I mean, really...let it go and get the hell over it already, damn. Good thing Victoria was there to put a temporary smile on her face in a couple of pictures. But still. Later on, I'll explain one of the reasons why she insist on mean-mugging everything--and one--who crosses her path.) were all on hand to gather, mingle, sign copies of their books and mingle with the audience last night (October 18) as the Harlem Hospital Center presented 'Victoria Rowell & Friends.' Guests and speakers were entertained throughout the evening with performances by renowned classical pianists George Francois and Guillaume Lemasurier. The Harlem Hospital Dancers also performed a dance tribute to Rowell, who is an ex-ballerina.

Ain't nobody gon ask your ass for a piece of that damn cake!


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changeme said...

Perhaps Terry had had some interaction with the very handsome, well-built pianist Guillaume Lemasurier, He and her ex-husband share so much in common. LOL! It may have been just too much for Terry. Hey Terry - theyre here, they're queer - Get used to it!!

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