Monday, October 1, 2007


Tyler Perry has announced that he along with Janet Jackson and Jill Scott will appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Wednesday, October 3rd to promote/discuss his newest movie, Why Did I Get Married? which opens nationwide in theaters on October 12th! And yall know I'm ready to see it--not only to support Tyler and his work but to feast my eyes on that fine-ass Lamman Rucker! Oooh, let me find out! Anyway, Tyler left a new message on his board stating that W.D.I.G.M.? is by far the best movie he has EVER done...better than Daddy's Little Girls, Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Madea's Family Reunion. As a matter of fact, Perry says this movie is so powerful that once we see this movie, it's going to change our outlook on relationships. I sure hope so, cause a sister like myself is...oops, look at me about to tell all of yall my personal business! Let me move on right now! LOL!

Below and after the jump are more excerpts from Tyler's message:

"Now, as you all know, with every movie that I've done I have always asked you all to be the first ones to see it. So, what I asked the theaters to do is set up an advance group sales line just for you. You should be able to call this number and buy group tickets. If you are in a senior group, sorority, fraternity, book club, choir, singles ministries, couples ministries, or usher board number 3 (smile), you can call and get advanced seats for your group at this number 1-877-409-3446 and then please go to the board (WWW.TYLERPERRY.COM)and let me know what groups you will be bringing and who they are if you can. I'd like to know. So, go ahead and call if you can and get your advanced seats. I want my folks in there first starting early Friday afternoon, so that we can blow that first weekend out and send a clear message to all the critics and to Hollywood letting them know that we want more movies like this.

It has been you, my board members (that's my name for the people who are on the mailing list and faithfully leave messages on the message board) who tell me the truth. One of the reasons that I always ask you all to see the movies first is because you all will give me the real deal. It is no secret that the critics have hated everything that I have ever done. But that's long as you love it. So, when they start to criticize and try to make me feel bad about this movie I will be looking to you for some words of encouragement, okay?

Be blessed

Tyler Perry


Anonymous said...

I'm a support my girl Janet. I still think she has not shown us all her full potential yet as a star. And I really want to Jill Scott too cuz I heard she did a great job. Probably the break out star in the film. Besides it looks good. I will support Tyler Perry's film.

Percival said...

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