Tuesday, October 2, 2007


First and foremost, Tyler Perry wants fans who stuck with his TBS sitcom House of Payne to let their friends know that the show has gotten much better, and to please give it another try when it begins reruns this week. "This is the last week of all new episodes of House of Payne," Perry tells fans in his latest e-mail. "This week there will be three episodes that will air back-to-back and then the show goes into reruns until December."

He adds: "And may I ask this to all of the people that gave up on the show early on and now have come back to it and are loving it (and I know that you're back because the ratings are amazing!) Could you just pass on to others how much the show has grown and how good it is now? Could you do it for me? I know it was rough in the beginning but its getting better and better. A lot happens in these last three episodes so check it out if you can."

Well, Tyler, I'll tell you this: you add Lamman Rucker (CLICK HERE to read more news on LAMMAN RUCKER ON BLACKCELEBRITYMEN.BLOGSPOT.COM!)to the cast and I will watch House of Payne every week. Fair exchange, no robbery, brother! LOL!

Perry's e-mail also addressed a situation in Buffalo, NY where a woman was scammed by someone posing as the entertainment mogul. The fake Tyler Perry tricked her into entering a bogus writing contest and eventually bilked her out of $1,700. Perry explains: "I listened to the story and was heartbroken because someone posing as me told this woman that she had won a writing contest and that I was sending several limos to pick her and her family up and I was going on BET to announce that she had won and I was going to use her script as my next play. I was reading the message board later and I saw a message from one of the woman's family members so I called her. She was distraught--apparently this person who was online told her that she had to send $1,700.00 for airfare and hotel accommodations. This is what I'm talking about with people posing as me online. I DO NOT HAVE A MYSPACE PAGE, OR ANY OTHER WEBSITE OTHER THAN TYLERPERRY.COM. Please pass that on."


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