Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I laughed my ass off when I read the following story regarding a woman suing Judge Greg Mathis for calling her a 'hillbilly'. The woman, who is also suing Warner Bros. and Telepictures, claims no one told her about Mathis' judicial status.

According to TMZ.com, Melody Burnham of San Diego says the show invited her to bring her lawsuit against a tenant to Mathis' court. The woman alleges producers never explained that Mathis was not a sitting judge in a real court. Burnham's lawsuit, which seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages, also claims that when she appeared before Mathis, she was still kept in the dark about her case not being in a real court – despite the presence of television cameras, the show's crew and a green room. She also says she didn't figure out that it was a television show until more than a year later.

Additionally, Burnham alleges she was held hostage in a dressing room for six hours without food, and that she didn't know she was going to be countersued until minutes before the trial. She also says she was ridiculed by Mathis when he called her a "hillbilly" after pictures submitted into evidence showed her washing machine outside of her residence. According to the lawsuit, Mathis dismissed the case, awarded damages to neither party, and stated: "I'm sending you hillbillies back to the hills.

A spokesperson for Telepictures Productions, the company that produces "Judge Mathis," tells TMZ: "We absolutely believe this case has absolutely no merit. Greg Mathis is a respected lawyer and former judge. The show, currently in its ninth season, follows strict procedures for case selection, releases and binding awards. All participants sign releases before appearing on the program and any allegations that this was not a real case are unfounded and fabricated. Judge Mathis' track record for advocacy and fairness to all speaks for itself."


Anonymous said...

Judge Mathis is unprofessional, ignorant, and just by the way he conducts himself in court, I find him extremely rude. He thinks he's cute with some of the comments he makes. He downgrades defendants as well as plaintiffs and only wants to make himself look good. He's got a self esteem problem. Get a real job Mathis. I don't even recognize you as a professional judge. I respect most but certainly not you.

what tha hey said...

Judge Mathis keeps it real and never sugar coats the truth ,,too many times we dance around the real problem never resolving anything.. I appreciate his style. Why do I have to be like you or the next person to be a recognized contributor in society..bump that..why not give him credit for the encouragement and wisdom he shares vs rattling off negativity (prior comment),, his show speaks for itself!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you are entitled to your opinion, at the same time everything you put in your comment about Judge Mathis is describing yourself. The only difference is your not a judge or on television. @what tha hey, HI FIVE!

Sampson Williams said...

Judge Mathis is a great man and Judge of respect

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