Saturday, October 6, 2007


Word around the that the fifth season of B.E.T.'s popular, original reality series, College Hill, is shooting in and around Atlanta, Georgia. College Hill is Black-college life uncensored and completely unrestricted -- from the classroom to chaos, cultural clashes to crazy sexual escapades, pranks to strict consequences.

The reality show, which some consider an urban, collegiate knock-off version of MTV's successful series The Real World is currently housing eight college students (four males and four females) living together under one roof in a tricked-out pad in the heart of the city. And although MTV has surprisingly never filmed a season of The Real World in the Peachtree State despite the city's infamous and innovative thriving music scene, the presence of College Hill's latest season will definitely bring added attention to the city's most well-respected HBCU's (historically black colleges & universities) such as Spelman College, Moorehouse College, CAU (Clark Atlanta University) and many more. And that's a good look!

According to Access Atlanta, the show, which is set to tape through November and air in the spring of 2008, has already lensed footage at rapper Young Jeezy's recent birthday party and at a local hair salon.

In related news, BET is also shooting its second annual 2007 Hip-Hop Awards show at the Atlanta Civic Center on Saturday, October 13th. The show will premiere on the network on Wednesday, October 17th at 8 p.m. Comedian Katt Williams returns as host. R&B singer, Keyshia Cole's reality show, Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is is also being taped in the ATL.


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