Monday, November 5, 2007


As 50 Cent celebrates the launch of his new book, 50 x 50 – a scrapbook-styled autobiography which hit shelves last month – the G-Unit rapper has gotten some bad news: his latest video, I'll Still Kill has been banned by the MTV and BET networks, despite its censored version being renamed Still Will. “I don’t think they have a problem with the group The Killers being called ‘The Killers,’” 50 said in reference to the popular rock band, “and I don’t think anyone’s protesting that Guns N’ Roses is called ‘Guns N’ Roses.’ I think that their perception of me is dark, so they’re going to ask for those things to be changed.”

I’ll Still Kill is the fifth single from 50’s latest album, Curtis. It will officially debut on radio stations on Nov. 6. *What?! The fifth single?!! What were the first four?!*

Meanwhile, his memoir is titled 50 x 50: 50 Cent In His Own Words. 50 x 50 details the rapper’s life with actual photographs, and includes anecdotes from his drug-dealing days in Queens, NY, and his rise to fame in the music industry. It is available in bookstores now.
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