Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Pregnant actress Halle Berry is devastated after learning boyfriend Gabriel Aubry plans to remain in New York following the birth of their first child next year (08). The Oscar-winner, who is five months pregnant, planned to raise the tot at her home in Los Angeles - but her French Canadian partner of two years reportedly wants to reside on America's east coast to further his modeling career. A source says, "She's been shocked by the news. Halle had always assumed Gabriel would move to the west coast so they could live together as one happy family. If Gabriel stays in New York, it'll mean long separations. She knows their relationship won't survive and has been begging him to change his mind."

But the 41-year-old actress is determined her baby will not experience the distant relationship she had with her own father. The source adds, "Halle hardly knew her own dad and they were still estranged at the time of his death, so she's desperate for her daughter to have a father she sees regularly."

Amd of what I heard is true, Halle is making the necessary moves in order to relocate from sunny Cali to the Big Apple. In the photos below, snapped back in early October, the mommy-to-be was spotted in the Tribeca area of New York City in searching for a home. If you ask me, it looks like Halle has no problem with supporting her man/baby daddy as well as his wish to elevate his modeling career and whatnot. That's just my opinion. Peep the pics for yourself.


Bronx-bred beauty Jennifer Lopez is taking a break from her singing and acting career after a recent health scare alerted the star to the dangers of a miscarriage. The 38-year-old - who confirmed her pregnancy last week - was taken to a hospital after noticing spots of blood in her urine - and was ordered by her doctor to cut back on all strenuous activities. Lopez - who is rumored to be expecting twins - has been traveling around America to promote her latest album, Brave, and has just completed a U.S. tour with her husband Marc Anthony.

A source close to the star says, "She's petrified that something could go wrong (with her pregnancy). (The hospital visit) really shook her up. If she lost the babies, her life would be shattered." And the singer's doctor isn't the only concerned party - her mother, Guadalupe, has been trying for months to get her daughter to slow down. The insider adds, "Her mum's constantly been on the phone, telling her to calm down. Guadalupe's very no-nonsense and she's told Jen that she needs to take some time out of the limelight to enjoy her pregnancy and her babies when they arrive."


Singer Christina Aguilera has held a blue-themed shower for her baby at her Los Angeles home, according to reports. People magazine reports that the 26-year-old star welcomed friends and family to the gift-giving ceremony in Beverley Hills over the weekend. The Grammy-winning artist cooed over presents such as blue socks and shirts for the child, a bassinet with blue bedding materials and matching diaper-changing equipment for the little tot, according to a source.

Over the past few weeks there had been intense speculation about whether Aguilera and fellow singer Jennifer Lopez were pregnant. Both have confirmed that they are expecting children and tabloid speculation has now moved onto the gender of their forthcoming bundles of joy. Last week, Aguilera told Glamour magazine that she was expecting a child with music producer Jordan Bratman. The couple have been married since November 2005.

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