Sunday, November 4, 2007


Hey Everybody!

First of all, excuse me while I sing one of my favorite Rattler songs right quick: 'FAM-U/FAM-U/FAM-GOT-DAMN-U/ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT!'

FAMU's homecoming was off the chain again this year. No surprise there. Rattlers from everywhere around the United States and beyond traveled to Tallahassee and turned it out! I just walked in the door and I'm dead ass tired...I also feel old as hell! LOL! Therefore and thus and such, I'll update the blog with more celeb news and pics later on today. I'll also share my 2 cents on FAMU's Marching 100 halftime madness and mayhem which involved North Carolina A&T's salty-ass, bama-ass football players (I got you, Mina!); as well as updated news on T-Pain's arrest (although there really ain't too much to tell!). I also want to give a big shout out to our honorary Rattlers: Doug Banks and DeeDee McGuire from The Doug Banks Morning Show) and Tom Joyner and his crew for coming down and making FAMU's homecoming better and whatnot! LOL!

Oh, and did I mention FAMU got all up in NC A&T's ass for 26th year in a row?! LOL!

Thanks again for visiting RealGossip 101! I appreciate all the feedback--both positive and negative from you all. Keep them coming!

I'm out..and I don't forget to set those clocks back.!
...END POST...


Anonymous said...

You go SouthernBlackgurl.... I'm a Rattler from back in the day, probably partying on the "set" before you were out of pampers. Now, my son and my money go to FAMU!! I missed Homecoming this year( couldn't make the trip from L.A), which is a rarity. Where'd the real "grown and sexy" party this year? 'Cause you know the T-Pain romper room is not my cup of tea.. LOL

Anyway, I've got you in my bookmarks now...peace.

Donald said...

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