Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Kenya Moore, former Miss USA and successful actress has added author to her list of impressive accomplishments. Moore flips the script by penning a light hearted How-To guide, entitled Game, Get Some! What Women Really Want Game! subtly coaches men on how to get the woman of their dreams as she reveals the secrets of what women truly desire from men. 'No one man can know everything there is to know about women, but with my help, they may just come close,' Moore proclaims. 'I feel like the female Ms. Hitch! I want to bring us together not apart.'

In the all sports themed Playbook, Kenya effortlessly, often bullet pointing, essential points from each chapter. Moore wrote the book in a language she thinks most men will understand and that is sports terms. With chapter titles like locker room motivation lines, she hopes the clever and straightforward words of wisdom will be a benefit for men and a fun read for women. Highlights include preferred methods to approach women, knowing your trophy, how to win points, even sexual advice on how to please her in bed. "We're just inherently different - men and women," she said. "We're raised differently; we think differently, we communicate differently. That's why sometimes there are a lot of problems when we try to form relationships with the opposite sex. This book just kind of puts everything in perspective. It's in sports terms so the guys will like it. Like, we talk about the players - your point guard, your franchise players. We talk about the tryouts - how to win the affections of a woman. It is a play off the title - 'Game'."

She also delves into self-esteem issues, baggage, and if by chance it does not work out, how to properly break up with your significant other. 'If you have shared a special bond with someone you have dated, if you always treat her with respect, you will always have a friend at the end of the day,' Moore adds. 'So many men don't know how to break up with us and that's why they get a woman slashing their tires or busting their windows. But if you're honest in a relationship, you'll always have a friend at the end of the day." And Moore continued that even the veteran player needs a little coaching now and then, so the book is for everyone. "What can't they learn?" she said of men "For instance, how to approach us. No, we don't like 'Ay bay-bay.'

Not just for men, women will curiously read chapter after chapter and laugh about how common and universal the mistakes that men make are. They will also gain a better understanding of self and how to improve on what they may be doing wrong in relationships. Kenya outlines why communication between the sexes can be so difficult. She gives practical advice on understanding the differences between us and tips on making it better. It is Women from A-Z.

Overall, Game, Get Some! is an imperative and palatable easy read for men and women alike. It will not only give men the Game to capture the heart of any woman they desire, it will ensure their success on any platform when dealing with this thing you call woman.

Moore's Game, Get Some! What Women Really Want hits stores later this month.


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