Thursday, November 15, 2007


If you want Alicia Keys to show up at your club, you'd better complete a couple of things first: either get it cleaned up before her arrival, make sure, double check if need be, you have all lines of communications open with her 'people' AND have her appearance fee (in cash) in hand and ready to pass on to her before she even walk through your club doors.

According to a couple of reports, Keys skipped the bash for her new CD, As I Am, Tuesday at Pacha because the place was "a mess," said her manager, Jeanine McLean. "She was going to go through, have a drink and celebrate as a favor to the club. But when she got there, there was no security and the crowd was rough. She sat there waiting for them to get it together for an hour." A Pacha rep said, "We had an ample security team onsite and had reserved an entire area for her."

But a source said Keys didn't show because she wasn't getting paid. Club promoters had rented out the nightclub had allegedly negotiated her appearance to the tune of $15,000. But missing money kept the singer circling the block for nearly an hour while the promoters hustled to find $4,000 to get Keys out of her car and into the club, says our source. Alicia was slated for a midnight arrival, but by the time 1:30 a.m. rolled around, her bodyguards, friends and even boyfriend were all inside waiting for her. Outside, Keys drove around the neighborhood.

"These promoters were digging in their pockets, looking for cash, and were still short," said another source. "The owner of the club even offered to pay the remainder of the owed money himself, just to get her in the club." However, Keys' manager, Jeff Robinson said, "I never heard she was getting paid at all." Then why did Alicia not go inside even to meet her boyfriend? "Well, there was a lot of mismanagement by these club promoters, and that's about all I know," Robinson told the New York Daily News.

Keys' fans got the shortest end of the stick, as many went home dejected after missing their idol. Usually devoted to her fans, Keys may have had no idea that the people at the club had paid to see her.

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