Monday, November 12, 2007


Michael Jordan is making history and breaking records once again, but this time it's off the b-ball courts. and inside the divorce court. Now, we all know the man who can damn near fly and has more money than God (he has an estimated fortune of $400 million) isn't cramped for cash, but, seriously though, even this has to smart: the legendary baller's pending divorce from his wife, Juanita of 17 years (the couple separated last year) has become the most expensive celebrity divorces of all time with Juanita receiving a whopping $168 million. In addition to the $168 mil, Juanita, 48, will also get their seven-acre estate in Chicago, as well as custody of their three kids. One year following their marriage, the two signed a post-nuptial agreement, which entitled Juanita to half of MJ's net worth. She hasn't quite taken half though, as the $168 million is only a third of his wealth. Nevertheless, we're sure she'll be able to "survive" on just the third. The divorce is expected to be finalized soon, as the settlement details are being finished up.

In related news, his last name is Jordan and his father’s first name is Michael, which means that when Jeff Jordan takes the court as a freshman with the University of Illinois basketball team, all eyes will be on him. But no matter what the expectations of the fans and media are, Michael Jordan doesn’t want his eldest child to be like Mike. Being like Jeff is all he asks. “I want him to be his own person, you know?” Jordan, 44, said as he sat next to his son in a rare interview with TODAY co-host Matt Lauer.

“I want him to enjoy his life, whatever he chooses to be that, you know? If you play basketball, you're a doctor, you're a lawyer, whatever, I'm gonna support you with the love and every effort, every inch of my body. The thing we have tried to tell Jeff is that you pick your own expectations and if you're happy, that's all that matters," Jordan said. "You're never going to make everybody happy."

Jordan talked a bit about his divorce last year from his wife, Juanita, after 17 years of marriage. Along with Jeffrey -- who is majoring in psychology and earned an academic scholarship to Illinois -- the couple have a younger son and daughter. "His mom and I were on the same page when it came to that," Jordan said. "Our kids came first. We still communicate each and every day." Jordan said he talked to his son about mistakes he made in the past, including gambling. While he said there is nothing wrong with gambling, he advised his son to be careful. "My lesson to him was 'Don't ever go outside your means,"' he said.

Jordan said when he attends his son's games, all eyes are on him. So as he's done in the past, he'll make an effort not to show his reactions during Illinois games. His son joked he supports his dad attending games because it takes some pressure off him. "When he's there it kind of helps me a little bit because I know people aren't watching me so much," he said.

To read the interview in its entirety, CLICK HERE.

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