Friday, November 9, 2007


I know some of you may probably remember these pics of Rihanna I posted about a month ago? The dress she chose to wear wasn't too revealing...well, at least to me it wasn't. However, when Rih-Rih decided to don the full length, royal blue gown (with a pair of Christian Louboutin heels, of course!)at her cousin Nigel Alstrom's wedding in their homeland of Barbados late last month, a couple of her conservative family members and several guests weren't too pleased. They must've been looking at ol girl really hard because one family member who disapproved of the singer's dress claimed it was 'too revealing' and appeared as if Rihanna wore 'nothing underneath it.' Side views (as you can tell from the pics posted) of the singer gave prudish wedding guests a clear sight of the star's breasts. Another appalled family member said, "She should have been more low-key, dressed appropriately. She had words with her aunt and mother, and she was asked to leave." Rihanna, 19, recently revealed she could never even wear a bikini in a video or photoshoot - because family members would be outraged.

Ummm, what? Huh? So, it's okay to wear a bikini to the beach when you're out funning and sunning with those same relatives--even when you all are well aware that the paparazzi is following you--but yet and still you'd never wear one in a video or a photoshoot?

You can peep more pics of Rihanna at her cousin's wedding by clicking the link in the post.

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Dilva Santos said...

she was beautiful.i think that Rihanna's family should be very,very proud of her and be more comprehensive,seriously.

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