Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Surrounded by his friends and family, Kanye West arrived at the True Vine Ministry church on Tuesday, to lay his mother to rest. Early Tuesday morning, flowers poured inside the church, which can accommodate up to 2,500 people. It was a solemn day as a white hearse, carrying the body of Dr. Donda West arrived and her coffin was carried inside. Inside the private service, John Legend and Anita Baker reportedly performed. Other stars also came out to lend Kanye their support including Beyonce and Jay-Z.

After the service, two horse drawn carriages transported her body to the cemetery.

The evening before, Kanye took to the stage in Brussels, Belgium, paying tribute to his mother. He spoke out about continuing to tour in her memory. "If she was here, she would tell me to 'get on that stage and kill it, dawg!' That was her favorite word: dawg. She would tell me to go on this Glow in the Dark Tour and 'take over the world and be number one like I taught you to be, baby.'"

Meanwhile, Access Hollywood reported yesterday that West paid for the plastic surgery his mother received from Dr. Jan Adams, which took place one day before her death. But the rapper did not want her to undergo the procedures. He wanted his mom to go to a trainer instead, Access Hollywood reported.

Her father, Oklahoma City civil rights leader Portwood Williams Sr., told The Oklahoman newspaper, his daughter was a great person. “We were real close — very close,” Williams said. “She was just number 1. One in a million. We have four children, and I’ve never heard them have an argument with each other. She was just a number 1 person.”

Donda West, 58, died as the result of possible complications from a cosmetic surgical procedure.

Kanye West is set to resume his Glow in the Dark Tour on Thursday night in London.


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