Saturday, December 15, 2007


Hey everybody! Hopefully, my blog's problem has been least for those who use Internet Explorer. I've been up for the past 36 hours straight trying to find a solution. I'm so sleepy, my stomach hurts! LOL! Anyway, in my day and a half of no sleep, I discovered I wasn't the only person (who uses blogspot) having this problem. So it obviously was something on Blogger's end. And although there are still a couple of more things I need to tweak out, you all can expect to see more new posts soon.

If anyone else still has a problem viewing RealGossip 101, please let me know so that I can expeditiously handle the problem.

Thanks for being so patient with me! LOL! I appreciate it.


I've been made aware that some folks are having trouble viewing this blog, mainly in Internet Explorer. I use Mozilla Firefox to view and post on this blog...which is why I had no idea until now (thanks for bringing this issue to my attention, missladydiva!) that people were having trouble viewing it in their Internet Explorer browsers. I'm able to see everything just fine when using Firefox. But, if anyone else is having a problem viewing RealGossip 101 in their Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers, please let me know by posting them in the comment section of this blog post. I'm not computer whiz kid, so it may be a while before I'm able to get everything fixed. I'm also trying to update the blog's content while trying to solve any technical problems at the same time. And that is not a good look, let me tell you! LOL! Also, if anyone has any suggestions whatsoever, that can help me improve the look of RealGossip 101, please feel free to let me know.

I'll leave this post at the top of the blog's home page for the next couple of days BUT I will still update this site daily. So just check below this post to view any new blog entries.

Thank you kindly and whatnot


Marcus Langford Is The Name said...

Tell those people they need to view your blog using Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer is sooooo year-2000! It's time to upgrade folks.

If you have not been able to tell, I use Mozilla Firefox and I can always view your blog just fine and there is great stuff to see here!


SouthernBlackGurl said...

Thanks for the feedback Marcus! I went back and edited my blog post made that suggestion to folks. I had absolutely NO IDEA that people were having a difficult time viewing the blog in IE because I thought everyone was using Firefox like myself! LOL! It's frustrating because I have no idea how long readers have been having this problem.

I'm still searching the Internet to find solutions though. Someone suggested I use a Markup Validation Service tool. I went to the site and damn near lost it because I couldn't understand a damn thing!

And I'm still frustrated because just a few minutes ago, I noticed the content in the left sidebar overlapping the text in the middle column!! I mean really!

I'm still working it on it yall!

Anonymous said...

From the day I began viewing your site - through Mozilla Firefox - it loaded slowly and froze up my computer then stated "A script has stopped responded...and is slowing your computer..." Once I click to stop the script, the site loads fine. And this is an everyday occurance.

Also, when I view the site in IE it doesn't load completely, but I don't get the message about the script.

SouthernBlackGurl said...

^^Yeah, I've had that problem too (a script has stopped working...), but it's not an everyday thing. I think I may have to change the template.

Anonymous said...


Just got turned on to your blog and I like it. Different content than other similar blogs which is great.

Only 2 cons (sorry). 1) It takes FOREVERRRRR TO LOAD YOUR SITE. I MEAN FOREVER. And yes I use IE but I only have this problem on this site. 2) I think a creative overhaul is needed as far as the appearance. You will reach a larger audience that way while making the viewing pleasure better for the rest of us...I am sure you have the resources to pull that off very well.

Thank you for listening & keep up the EXCELLENT work!!

SouthernBlackGurl said...

^^Thanks for the comments. I'm glad you like it, even with its faults! LOL!

I have a feeling one of the reasons the blog takes so long to load may be due to the amount of pictures I often have in any particular post. So, unfortunately I'm going to have to cut back on the picture posting. I'm sure there are other reasons, but I'm just too frustrated to even think about them right now! LOL!

And like I told Marcus last night, when I pull up my page using Mozilla, it comes up in no time at all. That's why I was unaware of the problem...because I didn't have one om my end, you know what I'm saying?

Marcus Langford Is The Name said...

May I offer you a word advice sistah. When it comes to receiving criticism for your work, never listen to a person that posts his/her comments anonymously. And that anonymous poster know what I mean, so thank YOU for listening and keep up the good work ;).


Anonymous said...

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