Sunday, December 2, 2007


Forget pre-school! Or elementary, junior or high school for that matter. Berry's baby hasn't even seen the light of day yet and it has already received an honorary college degree from New York's prestigious Pace University Performing Arts Department's dean and founder of the school, James Lipton. And because Berry held a televised seminar at the school, Baby Berry was awarded official alumni status to Pace University. Lipton presented the award, saying, “Tonight is special in many ways not least because this is the first time in 13 years that I have been face to face with two guests in that chair. One of them is the youngest in the history of ‘Inside the Actors Studio.’ As Dean Emeritus of The Actors Studio Drama School I would like to say that since this little person has already attended this craft seminar, and has behaved like a perfect gentleman or lady, he or she is officially and forever an alumnus or alumna of Pace University.”

Being the unborn fetus of Halle Berry has its privileges.

In related news, Berry, is learning French so her unborn baby will grow up bilingual. The Monster’s Ball star has started placing ‘Post-It’ notes all around her home, so she is surrounded by words for every day objects. Her French-Canadian boyfriend Gabriel Aubry has even started talking to the tot in his French tongue - using his girlfriend’s belly button as the microphone. Asked by chat show host David Letterman if Gabriel was talking to her bump, Halle replied: “He’s doing that in French because his first language is French - he’s French-Canadian. He talks into the belly button and calls that the microphone. “I have pressure now to learn French, because we want this kid to be bilingual.”


Halle said she was finding it hard to learn a new language so late in life, but revealed she had come up with tricks to help her. “What I’m doing is putting Post-It Notes all around the house, because that’s one way that Gabriel learned English,” she said. “He Put Post-Its all around, so I’ve got them everywhere.”


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