Thursday, December 20, 2007


Jennifer Lopez has recently made it known that she is "freaked out" by her expanding stomach. The 39-year-old is five months pregnant with husband March Anthony's baby. But Lopez says the pregnancy is taking its toll on her figure. She says, "I've put on 42 pounds and my belly's all pudgy. I don't know what's going on. It's amazing, but I'm a bit freaked out by it."

Bless her heart.

The Latina beauty has now reportedly vowed to put her career on hold and keep a low profile until she gives birth in the spring. According to one source, "She plans to do a Victoria Beckham now and hibernate for the last few months. You won't be seeing much of her in public from now on." Last week, J.Lo fuelled speculation she is expecting twins by buying matching pink and blue romper suits embroidered "princess" and "prince". J.Lo and Marc have also registered their baby shower gift list at exclusive Los Angeles baby boutique Petit Tresor, and added to the twin rumors by requesting most items in pairs. The diva has also booked Petit Tresor to design nurseries at the couple's estates in Bel Air, Fisher Island, and Oyster Bay.

In other Lopez news, the star is planning to sue fashion designer Andy Hilfilger, the brother of fashion legend Tommy Hilfiger after their business partnership turned sour. The pair joined forces to launch Lopez' Sweetface label - but split last year in 2006, after the line flopped at New York Fashion Week. It is alleged Andy fell out with Lopez because of her husband Marc Anthony's hands-on approach to the label. Now sources tell the New York Daily News that rival lawsuits are being prepared: "It is expected that she will file suit and that he will countersue. They're likely to sue each other."

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Anonymous said...

Jenny NEWS FLASH - You tummy does expand when you with child.

Jenny you better get to putting lotion or some kind of cream on your tummy to keep from getting strech marks.

Welcome to the real world Jenny. All your money can't keep you from the natural process of child birth.

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