Wednesday, December 19, 2007


A judge has issued an arrest warrant for R. Kelly after the singer missed a court date in his child pornography case on Wednesday (12.19.07). The 40-year-old failed to arrive at the Chicago, Illinois hearing on time after his tour bus was reportedly stopped by police in Utah. Judge Vincent Gaughan has held off putting the bench warrant into effect until Thursday (12.20.97) morning at 9am - when Kelly is now due in court.

The singer must obtain permission each time he travels outside the state of Illinois, and prosecutors in Cook County told the Chicago Sun-Times that Gaughan has already given Kelly a lot of leeway. "This is just an abuse of the process. It's disrespectful of your honor," Cook County Assistant State's Attorney Shauna Boliker stated. Kelly's defense lawyer Ed Genson reportedly said the bus was "detained because of some snow" following a concert in Sacramento, California, and that police needed to check the bus log because it wasn't filled out the right way. According to the Sun-Times, Genson told Gaughan that Kelly had tried his best to make it to court on time.

However, reports that Kelly's tour bus and three more were stopped for going over 100 mph, and that after they were taken out of service, the passengers were left stranded. After the buses were pulled over, the investigating trooper noticed that the bus drivers seemed tired and asked for the buses log books, which weren't onboard or hadn't been updated, according to the site.

The R&B superstar is expected to stand trial on 14 child pornography charges next year (08).


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