Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Vanessa and Angela Simmons are expanding their Pastry apparel brand and have announced the launch of a handbag collection that will be released in 2008. The Simmons' partnered with handbag industry giant The Betesh Group for their foray into the handbag category. The Simmons' are the daughters of pioneering rapper Reverend Run of Run-DMC fame and star in MTV's top rated reality series, Run's House. The sisters launched their Pastry brand in March of 2007. The company is expected to earn over $25 million dollars in sales this year, according to company representatives. Pastry Footwear recently launched a television commercial advertising their new "hi-top" Fab Cookie Pastries sneakers.

If it appears as if the Simmons sisters are taking too much on at one time (Angela is the chief editor of her urban magazine, Angela's Rundown; she also attends the Fashion Institute of Technology. Vanessa is an model and aspiring actress), they aren't stressing about it. It's obvious that the girl's penchant for hard work runs in the family. The two 20-something-years-olds claim their father, Rev. Run, and uncle Russell passed down their strong work ethic to the girls at a young age. However, the girls are well aware that there are people who may not take them seriously as designers or business owners because of their family's last name. Vanessa says, "We just happen to be in a really privileged position, which I thank God for every day. But we have to prove ourselves 20 times more to our family because our dad knows how quickly I can just say, “Oh, that was cool, but I’m over it.”

So what's next for these two up-and-coming tycoons? Expansion. Angela and Vanessa are hoping to branch out and turn their Pastry line into a global franchise the same way (their former Aunt) Kimora delivered her Baby Phat brand and KLS Collection into one of the top urban franchises in the world. Plans to launch a boot line, clothing, cosmetics and fragrance line are already in the works.


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