Tuesday, January 22, 2008


“As solo artists, we are three different people. People can’t expect us all to take the same route as solo artists or enjoy the same kind of success. Victoria [Beckham] has a different route to Mel B, Mel B has a different route to Geri, and so on. We all have different paths, cause we’re all different people. I’m more of an intimate person anyway; I like playing smaller and more intimate venues. People can’t expect me to be Beyoncé or Beyoncé to be me or me to be Michelle or whatever! Just allow us to be ourselves! The Lord brought Michelle and me into B’s life and look what kind of heights we’ve soared to.” ....."People see how positive we are as women and as friends, and instead of them learning from that, they wanna hate on it. I have no time for that kind of negative thinking. People should be happy to see women getting along and working together, without being insecure about each other. It doesn’t have to be drama, but people always wanna create drama! I don’t even let that bother me. 'Cause people will continue to talk and we’ll just continue selling records.”

--Kelly on why folks shouldn't expect her to be Beyonce and her feelings regarding loosing the Vibe magazine June 2007 cover story to Beyonce. Read blogger's note, by clicking HERE

“When I got engaged and announced that, it became a media riot. So I feel like the next time anybody will know anything about me, as far as relationships are concerned, I’ll be married! I learned that I shouldn’t allow my past to affect my present. I didn’t grow up with my biological father and I think that girls who grow up in that situation can sometimes grow up looking for daddy. So I think it’s important to know who your father is. For me, Beyoncé’s father is like my father. When we’re all at home, Matthew treats me like his little girl. But for girls who grow up without a father figure, I think it’s important for them to know their self worth so they don’t look for the wrong things when they grow up and start to forge relationships.”.....“I wouldn’t shun it, but I’m not gonna force it or allow people to push me in that direction. If it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen.”

--Kelly on what she learned about talking about keeping her personal business to herself; her father/daughter relationship with Beyonce's father, Mathew Knowles; and if she'd ever be interested in achieving Beyoncé’s level of mega-stardom.

Kelly's Ms. Kelly will be re-released on March 10th. The single, Work is out on January 28.


Anonymous said...

It's like they brainwashed that girl. She can not be coherently that damn dumb.

**She Said** said...

It doesn’t have to be drama, but people always wanna create drama! I don’t even let that bother me. 'Cause people will continue to talk and we’ll just continue selling records.”

1. Ummm beyonche will continue to sell records...your album went copper.

2. Matthew ain't tell you to improve the script he gave you.

3. That concoction that Tina mails to you with strict instructions to take before you go to bed...stop taking it. It doesn't help you have better skin, hair and nails ok?

4. Could EVERYONE be wrong about Matthew's treatment of you and your projects?
You've made millions and millions of dollars for the Knowles clan...you owe them noting else. If you want your album to do better than copper next time...get NEW management. You are so talented and have a way better sounding voice. I think you can go further. Do you realize that you and Ashanti are on the same level as far as popularity?

*I can't wait until 10-15 years down the line when Matthew is gone and you are broke. That's when the real story will comeout on E True Hollywood Stories.

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