Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Is Reggie Bush next in line in becoming the second husband of Kim Kardashian? According to OK! magazine, he is. I'm still trying to figure out when they met and who approached who? And I know I ain't the only thinking that either! LOL!

Socialite and reality TV star Kim Kardashian kick off the new year with a romantic kiss from her football playing boyfriend Reggie Bush. The curvy pin-up hosted a star-studded party at Mansion in Miami on Monday, in celebration for the New Year.

Sources close to Kim also revealed to OK! that the 27-year-old is now engaged to her 22 year-old boyfriend. While no diamonds were shining on Kim’s ring finger, she did admit to OK! that things are getting serious. However, she added, “One thing I did learn from ‘07 was to try to keep it as private as possible so I’m trying to hold that close to my heart but I’m here with everybody that I love.” Despite that New Year’s resolution to not blab about her love life, Kim, who was joined at the party with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney, told OK! her holiday with Reggie, who has been unable to play with his New Orleans Saints since being injured in early December, has been “the best!”

Ummmmmm-hmmm. I'll believe this story when I see their wedding pictures in People magazine.

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Serge said...

If that dude marries her he is an idiot.....I mean marrying a chick who was in a sex tape wit RAY J!!!! Regiie has no respect from me.....looks like his NFL game has fallen off dramatically since he started seeing this whore!!!

Robert said...

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