Thursday, January 24, 2008


Last week the blogosphere was bombarded with the images of Steve Harvey on the cover of this week's Jet magazine to announce his symbolization into the prime of life: a big, butterball bald-headed dome and a bulked up frame as part of his 50 & Fly campaign. 'Fly is a guy who has it together from head to toe. He is dressed sharp. When he walks into the room, everybody wants to be with him. He is just cool, just fly. Fly also means being healthy and spiritually strong,' says Harvey who has lost 13 pounds of fat and has dropped from a 41-inch waist to a 35-inch waist in about three months. Below are a couple of excerpts from Harvey's interview with Jet magazine. The comedian/actor/radio show host talks about his new health regimen, his new marriage, the loss of his trademark mid-level 'fro and he sets the record straight regarding those nasty rumors regarding his bitter divorce from his second wife, Mary and her claims accusing him of being physically abusive and tight with his wallet when it comes to his children.

STEVE HARVEY ON WHY HE MADE THE DECISION TO SHAVE HIS HEAD AND SLIM DOWN HIS 6-FOOT-2 FRAME, HIS DEFINITION OF BEING 50 & FLY AND HOW HE COPES WITH HIS NEW LOOK: ...a girl said to me, 'Steve you're 50 and you are over the hill.' I started thinking, 'Wow, I am over the hill? I said 'OK, I got to do something to stop this line of thinking. Because at 50, I should not be thought of as over the hill. At 50, a man ought to feel that he is on top of the hill. At 50, you are still fly...I don't miss my hair. I've got enough TV shows in reruns, enough photographs and enough Jet covers for me and everybody else to look back and see my hair. Going bald was like a spiritual cleansing. Shaving my head was more of a spiritual thing for me. I wanted to be free. And then after reading T.D. Jakes' book (Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits), I said to myself, at 50, I can still reinvent myself. I'm going to change what people have been seeing of me. I created the term 50 & Fly on my radio show, but I wasn't really looking it. I didn't have any definition. I didn't have any shape. I had love a potbelly and handles. I've been telling people you can be 50 & Fly, but when I took my clothes off, I wasn't looking fly!


HARVEY ON THOSE INTERNET BLOG RUMORS (ONE HE PLANS ON SUING FOR DEFAMATION) REGARDING HIS 2005 DIVORCE SETTLEMENT WHICH CLAIMED HE PHYSICALLY ABUSED HIS SECOND WIFE, MARY: It is really tragic that a celebrity has to deal with the evil spirits that are in the world. It is sad because we oftentimes have no recourse. People can say whatever they want to say about us on the Internet or on an Internet blog. And we can't do anything about it. But I do have several defamation of character lawsuits in place right now. Legally, I am not allowed to say anything but the one thing I want to be made perfectly clear: I am not going to chase a lie, but I will live the truth...And another thing that I want clearly understood is: Steve Harvey has never in his life put his hands on a woman, never in my life. That right there is not Steve Harvey. You can write down whatever you want but I will not allow a person to say that I have ever struck a woman.

HARVEY ON HIS DIVORCE SETTLEMENT AND CHILD SUPPORT ISSUES: Everything that I do is legal and everything I do is above board. My divorce is over and it's done. And God knows the truth and so does everyone involved on the legal front. People try to embarrass a celebrity, thinking somebody is going to pay them some shut-up money. I have no shut-up money for nobody. And the truth is I take care of all of my children, every last one of them. There is not one of my children who wants or needs for anything.

HARVEY ON HIS THIRD MARRIAGE TO MARJORIE (ALSO HER THIRD MARRIAGE), 43, AND THEIR BLENDED FAMILY OF SEVEN CHILDREN; I treat them (7 kids) all the same. They all call me Daddy.' OF HIS WIFE, HARVEY SAYS: 'Because of Marjorie I've become a lot more spiritual. She is a praying woman. She's been in church all of her life. I am who I am on the radio today because of her and the spiritual base in our relationship. When I first talked to her about shaving my head and going bald, she said, 'I don't love your hair, I love you. I think you look fine.'

As far as any future projects are concerned, negotiations are underway to bring Harvey's radio show to BET as a late night TV talk show. In March he'll kick off a comedy tour with Original Queen of Comedy comedienne, Mo'Nique. And in April, Harvey plans to release a fitness DVD; he also plans to take off his shirt on April 7 to show off his six-pack...which is currently 2 packs short of a six pack! In the meantime and in between time, he continues to mentor youth through the Disney Dreams Academy and his clothing line, The Harvey Collection, remains a top seller. You all can catch him this Sunday (January 27th) as he hosts BET's Celebration of Gospel event.

A little bit of tidbits: The comedian has three kids from his two previous marriages with ages ranging from 10 years of age to 25 years of age; and Marjorie also has three children from her previous marriages ranging from 20 years of age to 11 years of age.

Harvey resides in a brand new 5-story mansion with his wife in Atlanta and commutes back and forth from the ATL to New York to tape his morning radio program where he brings the spiritual awareness that he and Marjorie share. He starts off each day with a 12-minute segment about his relationship with God. 'People don't like to hear you talk about God, especially the devil and the devil's workers. But I talk about God so loud for 12 minutes every day. I feel a responsibility to share my relationship with God, which is not a perfect one. He's perfect, He keeps His word, but my job is to share my relationship with God and be honest about it...God is our Father and He doesn't stop loving us, sometimes He's got to chastise us, sometimes He's got to let us go out there and fall on our face.'

BLOGGER'S NOTE: Yall will have to read the rest of the article in the magazine because dude talked waaaaaaaaaaaay too much in order for me to cover everything he 'shared' with his fans and whatnot. He seriously needs to look into transforming his radio show into a Sunday morning talk show...if there is such a thing. I heart him and all...but I'm just saying.


Anonymous said...

ain't nothing fly about steve harvey! lol!

Quarter Life Crisis of a Black Woman said...

His 12 minute rant in the morning drives me nuts! I miss the days of Star & Buc wild!

dada said...

Wow I've heard of haters but the two of u take the cake and that reporter Is very disrespectful up be lucky to even have a job next week.

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