Sunday, January 27, 2008


It's truly a small world. Just last night, my best friend, Meek had I were sitting around my house chilling when she asked me if Monica had had her baby yet. I told her yes, she gave birth earlier this month. Of course she asked me if I'd come across any pictures, After I told her, 'No, I haven't seen any pictures yet, but what I do know is that Monica named her son, Romelo. Being the always mindful person that she is, Meek quickly reminded me that the name Romelo is akin to the name of an original member of Atlanta's 90s boy band, ABC (Another Bad Creation). I brushed it off and told her as soon as I came across any pictures, I'd post them. Well, during my search I found out that there's a possible reason as to why Monica chose to name her son Romelo (aside from the fact that the name also starts with the letter 'R'...her son's first name is Rodney).

Anywhoo, Romell, a.k.a. RoRo is the ABC bandmember whose name is similar to Monica's son's name. 'Ro-Ro' is also related to Dallas Austin who Monica has always referred to as her big brother. So, I'm thinking maybe Monica opted to keep the name in the family. BTW, Romelo's middle name is Montez...which also happens to be the first name of Monica's brother. Go figure, right? Oh, and please don't quote me on this! I just put two and two together in my own way and came up with this possible assumption.



KappaChino said...

whoa! two kids and no ring, monica? she has got to know that is not a good look.

Brenda said...

Just saw the pictures, while doing some surfing and had to comment. This is a terrible, terrible shame that we keep promoting these young black single parents. It is a shame that she has 2 kids, not a celebration.
The black community should denounce these young women not embrace them, this is the reason why it keeps happening and why our race is destined for failure.

black, single and childless said...

I Just want to say congratulations to Monica on the birth of her second son!

As for Brenda, No one promotes anyone to have kids. These stars are human just like everyone else. It's just a damn shame that their lives are put out so people like yourself can criticze them. Sometimes what you think is a bad thing is actually not. Think about the young black women that make mistake by having kids, but by looking at Monica they know that they can make it. Stars are not suppose to be role models parents are! My mother had 4 children at a very young age. Every day people criticized her because of us, but she never gave up. And because she never gave up on me or my siblings she is and will always be my role model!!

For Brenda, life is not all about marriage! When she is ready I'm pretty sure she can and will be married. If she is not ready and she end up divorced. It's just something else for you to talk about.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the statements on promoting young black woman as "baby mamas" its a terrible shame what society has come to. Marriage is looked upon as old school and this "baby mama/daddy" fad is apparently whats in. It looks bad on us as a people that we dont believe in family anymore. It's disgusting on us as a people to keep bringing children in this world without having the mindset of a responsible adult. And to the people who get offended it's because the media has your poor sould wrapped up in this pathetic bubble that you're free when you aren't married. its a trap and its apparently working on our sisters and brothers. Sorry to say this but I'm only 21 and I know that.

Anonymous said...

rodney is her baby father now rodney is a known rapper he goes by rocko he as a song called imma do me nd last i heard they was engaged

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