Friday, January 25, 2008


VH1 has unveiled the third round of (Flavor of Love 3) thirsty-ass, pressed-ass, camera-hogging, windmill fighting women willing to work harder than Stevie Wonder at the Soul Train Scramble Board in hopes of becoming Flavor Flav's boo...well, at least temporary, seeing as thought there just might be a fourth season. Am I the only one wondering which wanna-be actress and soon-to-be aspiring video 'vixen' will be the first to bed down Mr. Flav? Yall know what they say, right? Beauty is only a light switch away. LOL! Look at that freaking face to the left!!! Is this the same face belonging to the man who Deelishis said broke her heart when he decided to get back with his 4th, 5th or 6th baby mama?

Anyway, check out the faces and aliases of the 20 girls who should not only receive a clock (cause Lord knows they don't know what time it is) but also be clocked dead in the face for putting themselves on national television to make fools out of themselves. As I perused through each girl's stats list, I thought to myself, 'this season may be just a wee bit better than the previous two. While there are some girls whose jobs hold such titles as waitress a.k.a. 'Hooters' girl and full time baby mamas, there are other women who actually have career-type jobs such as 22-year old 'Saint Lewis.' She not only works as a hair stylist...but she also happens to own her salon. And New York native, 'Bee Ex' who works as an IT consultant as well as a promotional model. Then you have 'Grayve', a 25-year-old real estate company owner from Holcomb, Mississippi. But what will definitely put a twist on this season's Flavor of Love is the set of identical twins, 'Thing 1' and 'Thing 2'

Flavor of Love 3 premieres Monday, February 11 at 9pm on VH1.


FIRST ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Bee-Ex is a 30-year-old who grew up in the Bronx. She says that her upbringing gave her street smarts and made her a bit rowdy; Bunz is proud of the junk in her trunk, hence her moniker; DYMZ is a 22-year-old from Atlanta who comes equipped with the tired reality show catchphrase, "I'm not on the show to make friends."; 28-year-old El is also from Atlanta. She's a passionate Latina who describes herself as aggressive, rude, fast, and hyper.


SECOND ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Grayve is a 25-year-old real estate agent from Mississippi, and she also tastes great when poured over turkey. At age five she changed the pronunciation of her name from "Yvonne" to "Y-Vonne"; Hotlanta comes from Georgia, of course. She claims she's intimidated by loud, aggressive people, which makes me think she's on the wrong show. This 27-year-old doesn't stand a chance; Ice is a part time DJ and a full time Hooters waitress in Michigan, which gives her that extra touch of class that Flavor Flav requires in his women. People often tell this 21-year-old that she looks like Paris Hilton, which is incredibly insulting; Myammee is, weirdly enough, from Georgia, for real. The 23-year old describes herself as a tomboy in a Barbie body who always has to get the last word in. Can you guess where she works? Hooters!


THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Peechee is a bit plus-sized, and also incredibly bubbly and upbeat; When she's not pulling Santa's sleigh, 26-year-old Prancer can often be found drunk and wearing sneakers with wheels in them; 26-year-old Houston native, Q-Tee, who certainly isn't one, wears a grill and has 13 tattoos; Rayna wants a man who is in touch with his spiritual side, which leaves me to wonder why the 24-year-old Chicago girl is on this show. She also works at Hooters, so I guess that explains it.


4th ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Saint Lewis, who is from, um, Saint Louis, is a salon manager and party girl who is proud of the fact that she doesn't drink. The 22-year-old also considers herself a local celebrity in her Missouri town; 23-year-old Savanna is another Bronx girl. She'll lie, cheat, and steal to win Flav's affections if she has to; One girl who must have an interesting childhood trauma is Seezinz, a 25-year-old from Maryland, who says she's afraid of hair and intimidated by overweight people; 23-year-old Shore-Tee from Rhode Island, considers herself to be classy and beautiful.


5th ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: 24-year-old Shy considers herself a "masterpiece." The Chicago native can sing, tap dance, rap, act, and model; When Sinceeer isn't holding the letter E hostage, the 26-year-old San Diego native is busy as a single mother of two; Thing 1 and Thing 2 are 26-year-old twins who hail from California. They finish each other's sentences, dress the same, and share the same laugh, which is totally creepy; 25-year-old Tik shouldn't be confused with the arachnid of the same name. After all, arachnids can't wear watches, and this Texan has over 60 of them in her obsessive collection.


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