Saturday, February 16, 2008


I Love New York 2 runner-up, Budda is reveals more details about what really went down on the set of the VH1 hit reality show. In a recent interview, the tank-top clad finalist talked about the 'sisterly' love he had/has for Tiffany 'New York' Pollard, his reasons for believing that fellow contestant Punk is gay, why he never slept with New York, Tailor Made's 'cocaine shake' and the New Year's Eve weekend in Miami when he had to put the smack down on Tailor Made once again for getting slick at the mouth. I swear that dude stay getting his ass beat! Peep the excerpts below.

BUDDAH ON HIS 'SISTERLY' LOVE FOR NEW YORK: I had love for her as a sister, maybe the kind of Godly type of love, like how I love my dawg, but towards the end I finally got to the point where I fell in love with her. In my definition, being in love is being able to tolerate someone at their worst. I felt like I was willing to do it, jumping through all sorts of flames with her in order to get us where we needed to be as a couple. I feel like the best man for her at this point in her life, based on the woman that she is, was Tailor. Even if she chose me I would've told her she made the wrong choice.
BUDDAH ON IF HE EVER SLEPT WITH NEW YORK: No, not at all. She wanted it from day one, but if we did that it would've been an unfair advantage.

BUDDAH ON PUTTING THE SMACK DOWN ON TAILOR MADE IN FRONT OF NEW YORK IN MIAMI: New York and Tailor Made are both crazy stupid. We were in a club and he was acting up so I had to slam dude by his neck. I was chilling and I saw people making way, like Moses and the Red Sea. She comes over and gives me a hug. Her man (Tailor) comes over all drunk and coked up. He grabs her like, 'What are you doing?' And, then he goes and pushes me. So like .02 seconds later he's on the floor and New York was apologizing to me.


BUDDAH ON THE CONTESTANTS WHO WERE ACTING STRAIGHT....BUT WERE ACTUALLY GAY, SPECIFICALLY PUNK: I didn't realize until after the show when we stared hanging out that he was gay. We were in Los Angeles hanging out at the clubs, and I stared to notice he was a little too happy having dudes on him. Off camera people had suspicions mainly about him and Pretty.

BUDDAH ON HIS INFAMOUS ONE-SIDED FIGHT WITH TAILOR MADE & HIS OPINION OF HIM: Well, after the fight, when I came back, he was walking around the house on eggshells. The guy is very paranoid. He's got what we call the 'cocaine shake.' He don't look people in the eyes. He was always nervous, scared for his life. It's rare that you run into a guy who is so forthright with his emotions. The average man would pull back on his emotions because of ego, but it's like he has no ego. I told him to be at ease 'cause he's not worthy of me beating on him. That's why in that situation I smacked him like a bitch and yoked him like a dog.

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KappaChino said...

Wait! You mean to tell me Buddah beat Tailor Made's ass twice?! LMAO!

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