Wednesday, February 27, 2008


When Diddy says he's going to do something, nine times out of ten, he does it (with the exception of the way he threw New Edition under the bus when he signed them to his record label, but that's neither here or there, so I'll digress...for now). While Jennifer Lopez waddled around Tinseltown and beyond with an obvious baby bump and denied she was with child(ren), her ex-ex-ex boo, Diddy could be heard flapping his gums to anyone who would listen saying he couldn't wait to take on his new self -proclaimed Godfather role by sending gifts to his soon-to-be godchildren. "I'm extremely happy for her, and I will be sending some expensive god-daddy presents to her baby," Diddy stated late last year. The hip-hop and fashion mogul, who became a father to twins last year, was delighted to hear the news that Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony had become parents to a boy and a girl on Friday, and now he's hoping to play their fashion godfather. Diddy says, "I'm going to send her some baby clothes from my Sean John line. I'm so happy for her. It's such a blessing." And he hopes Lopez will find as much joy in her twins as he has in his new babies: "It's double the love, and it's also double the crying and the screaming, so it's a unique blessed situation. It's a rarity to have twins." Aside from his own twins, Combs also has three other kids by three different women.

Lopez and her babies, who are now recovering at home, has reportedly set up a $120,000 nursery. For now, the two will be sharing an ocean-themed room stocked in English furniture and French-made cribs decked out in hand-embroidered bedding. The tiny pair will also gaze upon 18-karat gilded trim and chandeliers in Jennifer and Marc Anthony’s Long Island home, as well as in the nurseries in their Bel Air and Fisher Island homes.

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Anonymous said...

I wish he would stay up out of Marc and j. Lo's ass. As if Marc would ever let him be the godfather to his kids.

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