Monday, February 18, 2008


Jacki-O's mug covers the newest issue of Urban Ink magazine, the only tattoo mag for people of color. In her cover story, the raunchy Miami rapper discusses her body art, of course, and how they reflect her a different side of her personality. The most prominent tattoos the rapper sports is the three-quarter 'sleeve' that covers of her left arm, the intricate design across her waist and abdomen, he angel on her left shoulder and the cherub that sits above her left breast. Jacki-O, real name Angela Kobu, also explains why she chose to lift the name of one of, if not the only classiest, most respected (and respectful) and most sophisticated first lady in American history, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, a.k.a. Jackie-O, as her stage name. Having chosen the name of the wife of John F. Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis, Jacki-O understood that, on some level--whatever level that maybe--she would be forever linked and compared to the former first lady. Therefore and thus and such, her so-called comparisons to the original Jackie O. will definitely have you thinking, 'This girl ain't a trip, she's a journey! What the hell was she thinking?!'

JACKI-O ON HER BIBLICAL-THEMED TATTOOS & WHY SHE VIEWS HER BODY ART AS AN EXTENSION OF FEMALE EMPOWERMENT: "All of my tattoos are related to biblical beings, so I stay in the same theme. They are either angels, birds or stars. I have an image of Mary Magdalene in my sleeve too. I choose to go with this theme because I love cherubs and Godlike beings. I think women are sexy with tattoos because it's almost as if we shouldn't have them. They're supposed to be a 'macho' thing. But once a woman gets a tattoo it reveals her naughty side, and naughty is sexy. I've never been concerned about what people say about me (having tattoos). This is me. Besides, if they had as much guts as I have, they would have tattoos too. My tattoos are an expression of how I feel. I'm going to complete the coloring and shading on my sleeve and then who knows? I love ink! Tattoos have been around for a very long time and have become a way of life for some. They should be worn on someone that can carry the look. I believe you've got to have confidence and be fearless. Whether you rock your tats with jeans and t-shirts or a Giorgio Armani cocktail dress, you should always wear them with an attitude."


Jacki-O's wearing: black two-piece bikini and gold bikini by Apple Bottoms; jewelry by; black leather glove by LaCrosia. The gold one-piece swimwear, gold clutch and Navy shoes provided by Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons; jewelry by; gold glove by LaCrosia. Fusia bra & custom made belt by Lexx Perry; jeans by Joes Shoes.


JACKI-O ON HER COMPARISONS TO FORMER FIRST LADY, JACKIE KENNEDY ONASSIS: "Mrs. Onassis was a well-dressed socialite that was married to the President, and I'm probably the opposite of that. However, it's what both she and I represent that is why I chose the name. She represented strength and beauty as well as dedication to her family. Those very same things are what I hope to represent as well. We may not share the same ethnicity nor do we have the same backgrounds, both we're both women of power." Yeah, Jacki-boo, and then you woke the hell up. She and that LisaRaye....

JACKI-O ON HER FUTURE PROJECTS: "I am currently working on a movie script. I 'm also recording tracks for my nex project and keeping in shape. I've also been bettering myself as an individual-realizing my capabilities. So there's no limit to what I will do next. I've been approached with many options, but I'm being very patient. I want to make sure the next move is the right move."
Jacki-O has added author to her blossoming resume. The rapper has released her first book, a work of street/urban fiction called Grown & Gangsta which was released through Corey 'C-Murder' Miller's TRU Publishing last week (Feb. 15, 2008). Jacki-O's debut novel also happens to be the first release on Miller's publishing entity. Grown & Sexy tells the story of six friends-- Monique, Tatiana, Inch, Malcolm, Quentin and Iz -- all of whom support each other through trying times on the streets and in their personal lives.

To read an excerpt and a more detailed synopsis of the book, click here:


Anonymous said...

I bet she broke that magazine's bank account with all the photoshop and airbrushing they had to use! lol

Markee said...

she still ugly. and it's a damn shame and a disgrace for her to use the real Jackie O's alias.

Anonymous said...

Ewwww. She looka like-a man.

Jace said...

All yall some hating asses. Ain't nothing wrong with these pictures At least she ain't locked up like that Foxy bitch begging a judge to release her.


@ Jace...

Foxy looks better than that thing you call a woman on her worst day. Trust, son. Even wearing prison blues, slides and sporting new growth on her scalp, Foxy looks better than that tranny-looking bitch.

Anonymous said...

FUck Foxy and Jacki! They both off their rocker. Didn't Jacki serve jail time for stealing clothes or something?

Freeze Frame said...

Those tats look so damn ugly and unlady-like. oops, i forgot: that's because they're on an ugly and unlady-like tranny-looking man.

Anonymous said...

this ugmo has no feminine features whatsoever

Nookie said...

Some of yall acting like she has a hump on her back. when in fact, these pictures are some of the best ones she's taken in a long time. Stop hating. All yall off the wall comments are so fuckinng unnessary. And no, i'm not a stan, but yall need to get up off all that bullshit with the tranny comments. she probably look better than any of yall asses in here.

Anonymous said...

^^You sure do have a lot of shit to say about a so-called rapper who can't even consider herself a one-hit wonder. truth be told, she ain't even a has-been. if anything, the only thing she's known for is beating Foxy's felon ass in a Miami studio.

Anonymous said...

Look at Tacky-Jacki! Looking a tacky-ass hot mess.

Anonymous said...

WOW... u guys are really harsh!!! Jackie has a good flow, way better than Trina.She from da hood what can u expect?, a product of her own enviroment... I'm happy for her, Ma ya shoot looks good to be the first. Stop hatin on her... When she came out she remind me of kim style wise..Go ahead Jackie do ya thang ya city is hot right now ma :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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