Friday, February 15, 2008


In 2005, Jamie Foxx became the first African-American actor to ever receive two Academy Award nods in one year for best actor (Ray) and best supporting actor (Collateral). The actor eventually took the home the gold for his riveting portrayal of Ray Charles. Next year, Foxx is hoping to make history again by becoming the first Black actor to win two best actor awards for his performance in the upcoming biopic, The Soloist. The Soloist, which also stars Robert Downey Jr., is a true story about musical prodigy Nathaniel Ayers who developed schizophrenia in his second year at Juilliard. Ayers ends up homeless on the streets of downtown Los Angeles, where he plays his cello and violin. Steve Lopez (played by Downey), a Los Angeles Times columnist, writes about Ayers and the two strike up a friendship.

According to, Foxx, a classically trained pianist, is being taught stringed instruments by a cellist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, an entity that figures in the plot of the film. “Man, yeah, I’m getting into it,” Foxx said of the intense lessons he recently undertook to become an expert on the long-bowed member of the violin family. “I’m getting it down; it’s a trip when you hear the instrument starting to talk to you. It’s nice.” The film, which has no release date as of yet, will be distributed by DreamWorks Pictures.

In the below candid pics of Foxx on The Soloist set, the actor is donned in several layers of jackets, an outer layer of graffiti-stained Day-Glo vest and the hairdo reminiscent of the late Frederick Douglas.



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