Monday, March 10, 2008


Rapper Juvenile chose not to attend the funeral of his murdered 4 -year-old daughter Jelani. The little girl was laid to rest Saturday (March 8, 2008) afternoon along with her her sister Micaiah, and their mother, Gwinnett County Sheriff's Deputy Joy Deleston in James Island, S.C. According to several media outlets, Juvenile reportedly did not attend the funeral services. TMZ, citing an unnamed spokesperson for the rapper, reported that he declined to attend because he did not want to attract media to the gathering. Jelani, Joy Deleston, 39, and Micaiah, 11, were shot and killed on February 28, allegedly by Deleston's 17-year-old son, Anthony Tyrone Terrell Jr. Terrell has been arrested and charged with three counts of murder and three counts of aggravated assault. He is currently being held in a DeKalb County prison. Because of his age, prosecutors cannot seek the death penalty against him.

Juvenile (real name: Terius Gray) has kept a low profile during the ordeal, with the only public comment being a statement from his manager saying that the rapper was "shocked and devastated" to learn of his daughter's death. The extent of Juvenile's relationship with Jelani or her mother, a sheriff's deputy, is unclear.

I honestly don't understand why he would let attention from the media keep him from attending his baby girl's funeral. However, I hope he took the necessary steps in making sure he paid his final respects to his daughter and her mother in a private that I can clearly understand.


Buscuit said...

I can understand that he didnt want media at his daughter's funeral that would be utter disrespect. But i do hope he paid final respects to his daughter some how because that would be unbelievable because he has no excuse for that. i cant say i know what he is going through because i dont but i am sorry for his loss.

Anonymous said...

I no longer have the love for Juvenile that I used to have. Not only was he a dead beat dad but then he didn't even show his face at his child's funeral. I hope he realized he upheld the negative image of the black man, that they don't care about their kid. That comment about the media is bull because he knew they would be here whether he was or not.

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